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  1. Just passed by Corona depot on the LIRR. There was an R188 set at the back (didn't catch the numbers) that looked like it had a red diamond around the at the side destination sign, similar to the LEDs on the R62A. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. I can't say I agree completely...in fact, I'm quite glad QV is getting their 2011 LFS back. I actually like the 2011 LFS more than their 2015/16 counterparts, for reasons including the seating arrangement and the rear window. Also, any post-2011 bus is an upgrade over the 1997-98 RTS, so perhaps it wouldn't be so good to say that QV is getting 'lame, old ass LFs'. Yes, JA may seem to be getting all the new buses, but in my opinion, QV getting 2011 LFS is so much better than getting Orion NGs. Just my 0.02.
  3. 8065 at QV. Currently riding it on the Q27. Have any additional 80-series LFS returned to QV from JA?
  4. Nice catch! Really hope the old program officially returns to the R188s.
  5. Just wondering, why do they have to change the door motors on the converted R142As? It seems like the doors are weaker on the R188s, people can even push them back open now.
  6. Not sure if already mentioned, but 7285 is paired with 7326. Just saw it at Flushing station.
  7. My guess is that it would be easier to just take one train out and replace it with another train, instead of having to decouple the broken half of Train A, decoupling the corresponding half of Train B, and connecting the working half of Train A to the other half of Train B.
  8. Just saw a set with 7320 lead car testing on the Flushing-bound track at 46 St.
  9. Based on the number sequence I would guess that set was 7231-7240+7890? I hope this means we will be seeing conversion sets in service soon
  10. Sorry for the accidental down-vote. I was drinking coffee while navigating the page and by mistake I clicked the down-vote button, and there doesn't seem to be any way to undo that. Sorry!
  11. Yeah I agree with you man, so much more pleasing to see a train set in order...
  12. Hmm... according to Wikipedia...the 2010-2014 capital plan originally called for 146 new cars to be purchased, and of these new cars, 110 cars would go to make up ten new 11-car trains (with the remaining 36 cars as "C" cars). But in the latest revision, only 103 new cars will be purchased to form eight new 11-car trains. Kind of unfortunate in my opinion, but definitely better than a fleet comprised 100% of converted R142As...
  13. I can confirm that as of today (04 Feb.) at 19:46, there are three sets running on Line 7. I couldn't catch the numbers, but I was on 7811-7821 towards Flushing (exp) and saw on the way two other sets pass by on the Manhattan bound local track.
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