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  1. . Damn RTOMan!! Lol, how did your class "change" school car forever!? Lmao!!!
  2. Lmao!! I actually remember going through this thread during my waiting period and I remember that post!! And for all those patiently waiting. Word from a valuable source is that they are awaiting approval for the new budget. So in May, June, etc. they're going to ramp up the hiring. So just make sure you guys are well prepared. Good luck to all!! And CONGRATS ErikNYC!!
  3. It's all good LIRR154. That's the way it looked when the gentleman started this thread asking his question. But I know sometimes that's how Railroad employees feel. Like it's an insult. Although a Subway Motorman (like myself) and a Locomotive Engineer are two totally different crafts. Even though we both move trains. But the training is way different. Eventually I would like to be an Engineer.
  4. Hey P3F, I guess you highly insulted LIRR154 because the ONLY response he can give was "Railroad employees are not transit workers" even though you were asking a very valid question. Look..... All I can tell you is to keep on trying. Some people have better luck than others, but if it's something you really want to do just keep trying, OR...... Try for another craft to get your foot in the door. Good luck in your endeavors.
  5. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Yo yo stupid @ Allday
  6. Yeah it is... Just gotta sift through the crap at times
  7. ^^what he said^^ 100% Damn @Allday. Se dudes act TOUGH and get all that toughness snatched right up out of them. Damn yo. It's all good though. It's just a waiting game for you now my dude! Oh yeah, and there's no way!! I'm gonna go back and forth online with a total stranger, sending threats and stuff. That's what I meant when I kept saying I don't do threats!!! Some people just don't get it. SMDH @Allday damn!!! Now people can see my badge!? ???????????? I always thought that it was visible!@Allday but I like your badge!! The pillsbury dough boy Robbed the bank carrying the bags of dough!!! Lol yo that's fly
  8. ???????????????? Yo you stupid!!!! Ah see you got a badge. Is that what RTOman was talking about? With the badge? I've had that badge for some time now. I guess no one was able to see it!
  9. @ RTOman... ????????@ nice badge! Yeah PLEASE pull that dude trainmans coat!! Cause I'm not for the threats, and all the extra stuff. He's not built for that. And that dude blows a gasket at anything he feels is an offense to him. Just like when anyone agrees with a post we put ^^what he said^^ he blew a gasket thinking people were clowning him! I don't get into verbal matches with men. I'm not one for talking, plus this is an OPEN forum. Why would I even play myself to act TOUGH on a public online forum!! Lmao! Thanks again RTOman! We needed a veteran member to intervene.
  10. @RTOman.... Don't worry about it we knew what you meant. ???????? Well now I'm in the crew room. You'll be seeing me asking you senior members RTO questions over there
  11. ^^What he said^^ 100% Nuff said!!! ????????????
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