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  1. My brother you have no idea and sound just as clueless as other new yorkers when it comes to the work we put in.... you might as well go back to the private sector.. Because working for transit there is no going home at 5pm everyday...You probably couldnt handle 10 people at your cab window asking for directions either.... so before you go making assumptions work a REGULAR job first since you havent had no work experience in the past 15 years..Transit employees work tirelessly and to no merit....never get a thank you either....
  3. there are wayyy too many conductors that why hiring has been at a standstill veteran conductors arent retiring fast enough also...if your not in now your gonna wait a while or perhaps never be called...
  4. Hey All Hope All is well Any One Have Any new info on the list an when the next class might be. It's been real quiet on here I know the last appointed was 2697 according to DCAS. Just wanting to know what information is lurking out there if any From the looks of it hiring may be suspended indefinitely... they hired wayyyyy to many conductors... you get a board job (standby job) and there would be almost 10-12 other conductors on board there with you.... if there isnt a mass retirement or a mass promotion your gonna wait quite some time to be called.
  5. The word going around is that alot of conductors owe time to their pension... for example going out on medical leave or maternity leave during their careers....since they owe time they really cant retire.. so the wait might be longer for some of yall that are waiting... they REALLY need train operators tho...
  6. okay cool im in the B division..im tryna judge when im gonna be able to pick...
  7. I just got out of schoolcar 3 weeks ago and no you dont have to put in exception sheets if you go over 8hrs... It says on the posting papers to pay us FULL RUN PAY...I've seen overtime on my checks also so just make sure whatever run your doing save the schedule card to match your hours up ALSO............ Please if you dont learn anything else in school please learn how to fill out the exception sheets correctly....so many new guys dont have a clue how to do it and your just screwing yourself over..
  8. the board was at the second door of the car I was operating from...he did have room as we were in an 8 car 160 and that station was built for an 8 car r46....but just for policy sake if a TSS is on that train wouldnt I get in trouble for not calling control if the T/O stopped at the wrong marker? its a very funny situation down here that will involve judgement calls by you the C/R... and mind you your on probation so one slip up and your gone...
  9. Almost done with my posting and all the conductors i've worked with have told me that from the way I make the announcements clear and legible to the procedure of closing down and opening the doors that my career here will be long and prosperous....you just gotta pay attention.and follow the rules....one slip up and your gone while on probation... P.S while posting on one of the lines the T/O overan the board..im just gonna say that was crazy situation.
  10. Lol the same thing happened to me on the J...all the drunks sleep on there...We had great instructors and it shows from our procedures...We are gonna be good conductors.....
  11. to piggy back off what @Tim said...when your posting you have to know how to multitask...its alot to pay attention to. Im just a very confident person and I feel as if I can do this on my own and the conductors Ive been posting with feel the same way... Just pay attention in schoolcar and always read more than what the TSS is shwoing you...
  12. Zoning and Dezoning is specific to which cab your gonna operate from.. when your doing your walkthrough and get told which direction your going the operationg postion should already be in your head..... Also when I do my walkthrough I dezone the cab im not gonna operate from immediately to eliminate any problems... its a thing that gets better with time... i just want all my fellow probies to make as simple as I have.. Good luck to you all
  13. what was the extent of the yard and road practicals?
  14. Lol listen bro. I hope you make it as far as you want to go... just remember to crawl before you walk... NOBODY is going to give you extensive info about the inner working of trains because its a violation of TA rules... So if your in line to get called,be patient and have all of your ducks in a row..
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