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  1. Welcome to the boards. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  2. If you go into the history of Jersey pension system's you would find out that Jersey has been living off those pension systems since the beginning of Whitman's election where the State didn't pay its contribution to balance the books which continued thru McGreevy and Corzine where billions were taken from the Teacher's pension with Teacher's approval for increase in benefits to balance their budgets. So the system is light very light and would of failed in a couple of years except Christie stepped in. New Jersey is stilled screwed up as the State hasn't made its contributions but changed the standards to buy time.
  3. City has been living off everyone else for years and funding the Transit System means some social justice program is going to be gored or the Brooklyn Bridge is going to fall down from lack of maintenance. They own it alright but it gets the heat off the City by saying the Authority owns it. So it becomes a game as each level blames the other for lack of money or doing anything.. The power of the Dems is the city and if the City is stripped from the state New York goes Republican. For practical purposes the City is bleeding money as people are voting with their feet to other parts. Simple terms the upper working and middle classes have been leaving for years. So you are going to have only the elite and the dregs .
  4. Quite true but this is because of the entitlement mentality. I rode the original equipment of the system from IRT LoV to BMT standards and IND R1-9. Even rode on BMT Q cars on some lines. I was happy a train came and the doors opened. To listen to a demand they get new cars on equipment that good as they presently have is something from the farside. Money doesn't grow on trees and they want everything which can't be done. Stuff has plenty of life in it and if something goes wrong they will be using it for another 20 years.
  5. Expect to be taxed out of your socks as real and school taxes are highest in nation.
  6. Why in hell did they buy something that can go 125 mph for a commuter railroad. Hell from Trenton to Wilmington has about 50 local stops which these locos have to service..
  7. They all are designed in Taiwan and made in Red China. Been that way for more years than I can remember. Lot of it is due to EPA regs here which prevent the use of the chemicals used to make the boards.
  8. Buffalo had no industry for the last 30 years and center city business in Buffalo was banking and other service offices which left when the recession hit. That area is entirely empty now. Its economy was based on Canadians buying stuff and that folded with the recession. Rochester was tied to Kodak and bad decisions by them ruined that city. Corning went when it was cheaper to make the glass elsewhere than there. New York wants Green and research centers which they feel will save them only problem is Silicon Valley realizes they need to make money on the bottom line and Texas and Dakota are more friendly. The I-86 project has been going on for over 20 years on 17 and still they haven't completed it. Binghamton and Broom county haven't prospered and the lack of fracking has caused the loss of a number of farms. Its all noise and smoke but no fire. Anti industry is anti-business as you can't take in taxes that which is not made. Just the fact we have lowered taxes to 1968 levels says it all as the State has had a problem but the taxes are too high. and they are still way higher than most of the states. You have no economy for practical purposes for 3/4 of the state. Add in the regulations and you are totally anti-business.
  9. Try looking at Maximum PC website as they rate items of all parts to make a build it yourself PC. Since this is an enthusiast website they give lists of parts based on how many drachmas you want to spend. So you could spend $800 and build one hell of a machine from soup to nuts totally custom as you bought the parts. They also build their own computers for articles and you can get a very good idea of how much firepower you want in this machine.They also can tell you if you need that super video card or not based on what you do.
  10. They had no intent in doing that as that was a show station to aid in the development and investment in that real estate. It was built to serve that area only not for normal people or normal stops. Its a look what the City can do for you. Its part of that center city movement where if you don't live there you can't go there which the city has taken on. Makes no difference as to depth or problems as that is an engineering decision. Too much money went into frills for show as from what I saw in photos its a very high maintenance station.
  11. There was, but it got torn down because it literally collapsed. They were going to do the Westway tunnel (Robert Moses' last grand project) but the environmentalists and the residents stopped it. You can technically still go to West St via Laight St on the first exit and make your way to the FDR tunnel that way. It collapsed for the simple reason they forgot to maintain it like most of the things in the city. Maintenance is the first thing cut in the budget for something else they consider more important. So inspection disappears and the bridge falls down.. Reminds me of Philly with I-95 where Rendell's city government forgot to inspect the highway for a number of years. Someone saw the crack and took a photo which was sent to Harrisburg which caused a State inspector to come out and look and the road was immediately closed. Philly used the Fed Highway money for other things.
  12. The upstate cities are a wreck because of taxation not rust belt.. Why does New York have the massive antibusiness reputation that it has because of taxes. You lost million and half people in population and with that loss in human numbers how much moneywise. did they lose.. Cuomo's Happynews ads for business ten year tax breaks but its restricted to government approved business only which is not talked about. Buffalo collapsed when the great recession happened as it was a depression for that area. The main artery there of the Thruway hasn't been properly maintained for years and Albany's sets of books depending on what they are trying to do have been cooked that many times that I think no one knows the true state of affairs for the state. Texas and North Carolina didn't grow because the weather is nice but because of state tax policy.
  13. Basically almost all motherboards are made in China or elsewhere in Asia. There are a few good quality custom builders. but you have to know what are you trying to do with it. Look at the CyberpowerPC site to get an idea of what can be done. Read the reviews at PCMag of the various standard equipment laptops out there.
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