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  1. Sounds great man I wish I would have done that. Welcome to the club. It's a great job if you do what you need to do. I have a month left until my first year is in the books and it has been great. It's a lot to learn but if you work hard you will get the job with no problem. You past the first part not you just have to KEEP the job. Also just like with this forum don't be afraid to ask questions. Shoot you can ask me too if I don't know I'm sure I can find out for you. Again welcome to the team!
  2. Yup unless they changed it up in the past year you just have to do it all again because they didn't have a spot for you in the last class. Just bring it to there attention and maybe you will get lucky but if it's been more then a month that drug test is expired. Hate to give you that bad news but after the 2nd one I got called in like 3 days. Hope the same for you!
  3. Nope your first drug test has expired so you have to do the same thing all over again. I had to take 2 drug test before the medical... Most ppl last year had to do it that way
  4. Next class is in July from what I heard.... No June class from what HR said but the July class is supposed to be big
  5. Good news for you guys! I'm sure I don't have to tell you to make sure you have all your stuff in order. It would suck to come this far and get held up over something simple. I seen a few people get held up after waiting all day. Oh get there EARLY!!!
  6. Lol Breaker013 he could be right. With the pick coming up we will see who's leaving so he could be right!
  7. Nope. Spoke to a school car TSS a few days ago and said he only knew about C/R classes coming up
  8. Not sure trainman I haven heard anything.... Breaker how's it going?
  9. We had to wear dark blue slacks but dickies should be fine tho
  10. Good to hear you guys started to get letters again. I have one more day of YX and then there will be a lot of free TSSs to have classes. Let me just tell you now get a pair of blue slacks and a blue shirt button down like the conductor wear. Last time I checked there were a lot more ppl retiring then transit was thinking. The more that go out the more come in so keep hoping.
  11. Last week of YX for my class. I happen to see my TSS and he told me that they are getting ready for new classes to come in. So February looks like the bet best for the new class. I know one class just finished road ops two weeks ago and one is done this Friday and my induction class starts on Sunday. So the school car TSS's will be free to start new classes in a few weeks which puts us on track for February for you guys.
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