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  1. Wow. After 5 weeks of line training im finally on my own tomorrow ????. Express training was fun for 2 weeks with the SI union guus
  2. Yea in staten island you have to learn every single route in staten island. Which is why line training is 6 weeks out here from what we were told. And theres 4 depots here
  3. Yea OA cant got to staten island just TA people
  4. I had him on 8 and 9. On those days you dont do pre trip inspection. Thats on day 4 and 7
  5. I had him for day 8 and 9. I did qualify on day 9. Very strict. Hes and ex marine guy so good luck if you have him. Also if you have him on day 1 and you feel like quitting lol thats normal so dont feel bad or take anyyhing personal with him.
  6. Also just to let you guys know. I think the whole Sep 22 class (TA/MTA bus people at least) is going to get sent to staten island just like my class did also because i heard one of the dispachers i think here say they are still short 20+ people. Im not 100% sure but he said something like that
  7. Day 9 is harlem area in manhattan. There defetnely are hills. If anything looks a little bit like a hill stop and pop that shit. Aldo take up 2 lanes if you have to if its a some what tight 2 lane street, dont worry about the cars behind you
  8. 6 weeks actually. Did anybody fail the dmv test???
  9. So they sent the whole Sep 6 class to staten island ????. I my self live in the bronx so yea im sure ya could tell im happy.
  10. Day 11 at the union hall. They did a great job imo uf making us feel part of the union and told us all our pension, benifits and options (holy crap theres a lot of them lol). Ton of paper work. Also we finally get to pick depots (of whats availible) tomorrow on day 12 ????????????????
  11. The only bad thing is i felt terrible for each person that didnt make it ????. Some people had to resighn from their job just to take the 10 day training and quite a few didnt make it which sucks. Most people i talked to had so much stress during this 2 week training. Some people started smoking again. One guy told me it was the most stressful 2 weeks of his life (he has 2 kids so that says something). This lady told me she was crying while sleeping after day 3 because she had a tough instructor and she was doubting her self. I was really sad hearing some of the stories. Good luck to those that didnt make it, keep ya head up and hopefully ya still have a bright future ✌
  12. Thank you Seven same here brother ✌.I want to congratulate those that made it day 10. I and almost all of the other trainees were happy for them it was so cool just seeing how everybody was pulling for eachother wether they passerd, fail, or was waiting for their test everybody there was hoping for everybody else to pass.
  13. For the people going to training soon try your absolute best to pass on day 6 and 7. Because my day 1-7 instructor was very diferent to my day 8-9 instructor and had some (minor/diferent) requirements to passing. So i only had 1 day to adjust to my new instructor who was basically a military style guy and will make you shake while driving. Also anything you can do to calm down do it no matter what it takes. Im sure that 70% of the people who fail 10 day training is because how nervous they get on test days (6,7,9,10)
  14. This training will have you thinking about a bus for 2 weeks non stop lol. I also completely understand why youngnyc know when he says he felt that his instructor was an a**hole. Some of these guys think they own the mta or something and make you so nervous when you drive. The stories i heard today are down right ridiculous For the people going to day 10 good luck wish you nothing but the best and i truly hope you guys/girls pass
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