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  1. Here you go: https://www.ltgglobal.com/mass-transit/bus/north-america-bus-solutions/infotainment-systems/infotainment-displays/
  2. As reputable as Clever Devices is, it feels as if the problems regarding their screens (on our buses at least) are more of a result of how they're installed compared to that of other transit agencies. Often times it's the video input of the CD screens on the Xcelsiors that tend to go out despite the audio still playing perfectly fine. Personally havent encountered problems on the NG screens but i wouldn't be surprised about those having their own share of bugs. Honestly, we should've gone with simpler LED boards like those seen on the 38xx NGs for the M34 SBS during their first few years
  3. Presentation is often a sixth sense that I would personally go by to determine whether or not someone is regurgitating crap that hasn't gone through secondary research or if they're actually being informative and as someone who still watches his videos ironically used to comb through his transit-oriented videos, one didn't even have to doubt that with every ounce of truth he would throw out, he would pile a pound of his own bullshit bias on top of it. Piss-poor made thumbnails and poor font choices aside, he obviously doesn't look nor sound to be in the proper stance to have an actual sit down
  4. 7159 (i believe) is thus far the only one out of the 7xxx XD40 batch at UP that actually shows the stop info. All others play announcements but don't have the info side of the screen working properly.
  5. It's still $2.75. How much you get charged depends on if the farebox is signed up for a local/limited or express route.
  6. So there's already some visible work going on at the Rockaway Parkway . The globe lights and "BUS & SUBWAY" text on top of the station house seems to have been repainted or replaced with replicas. In addition, that electric gate that's supposed to prevent people from sneaking for a free ride onto the loading area and subway platforms is being taken apart as is the fence that seperates the and . I wonder how the free / transfer is gonna work after construction finishes this fall (assuming the gate might be removed). I also wonder what would become of those old trolley poles.
  7. Retire fresh-off-the-factory trains? Are you for real right now? It'll be beneficial financially to purchase and run those R179s now than to spend a needless amount of money just to upkeep a fleet of 50+ year old trains on their last legs that will get replaced anyways. Plus, as was stated multiple times in the past, this is nothing new. The R142s...also Bombardier made...have had their share of problems upon delivery. But look at it now 20 years after the fact. It's become one of the most reliable cars in the system.
  8. Unpopular opinion: She's not that terrible. Sure she just needs better recording equipment and needs to drop her NY accent but at the end of the day, she's only there at for what she's always been doing at her job: to give information. From a regular commuter perspective, frankly i don't give two shits. If she can articulate that this train is terminating early better than the conductor over a quiet or distorted intercom, then power to her. Now if anything, those butchered announcements that were tested on one of the R142 & trains were horrendous. The bare minimum just doesn't cu
  9. If one were to convince TA to uncover the skylights and perhaps give the station some good TLC, then maybe Jamaica-Van Wyck could easily be the sleekest looking station in the system that wasn't built pre-1960s nor built in the last decade. Heck the Archer Av Subway stations could really use some good power washing to really bring out their as-new 70s/80s brutalist feel.
  10. Not gonna lie...this looks better than what the Cuomo vinyl-wrap scheme is doing right now (especially with the blue on the top half on the side of the car)
  11. https://cloud.google.com/text-to-speech/ <<< This is about as least creepy any TTS program could get.
  12. One note I'd like to add here in the forums that wasn't shown in my video of the Luminator screens: When they were first testing it on C40LF 572, it initially annunciated all of the transfers regardless of how many bus and subway routes intersected (if you were in Flatbush Junction or Downtown Brooklyn, lord have mercy on ya soul). Not something I saw as an ideal fix but I'm glad they at least that they cut it off with "...and others" after listing 3 route transfers. What I hope in the future with the other screens made by Vianova and Clever Devices is have them list the multitude o
  13. 🤦‍♂️I swear these young YouTubers need to restrain themselves with these comments lest they wind up misinforming more fanners. Don't where they're getting these sources from but until East New York, Caitsith, or any other admins have any word about this supposed swap, best believe they're nothing but baseless rumors.
  14. What's up with most of the Clever Device screens not giving out route and stop info?

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