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  1. RTSTdrive

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Loved seeing those paint schemes when I was younger. But unfortunately the MTA decided to do away with the black paint on the sides and eventually the rear to save money or something like that
  2. RTSTdrive

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    The NG Hybrids (and by extension the VII hybrids in general) were meant to run on stop & go routes in most of the other four boroughs. They aren't suitable for Staten Island local bus routes (especially the 79SBS) as they can practically run thru open suburban roads that allow for higher speeds and, as a result, breakdown frequently. There was also the issue of the digital screens messing them up electrically but might've been fixed by now
  3. RTSTdrive

    Bus Stories

    I'll recount my most recent worst experience...though this was not on an MTA bus but rather on a NICE bus (let's face it, in our minds it's still MTA-like but more bootleg at this point) Was waiting for the n6X by Hempstead Tpk. & New Hyde Park Rd. after a day of hanging out with my cousin. Bus arrives but sign was stuck on n6 for some reason so a white paper sign with N6X written on it was placed by the windshield. Right as I was about to get on, the operator and an elderly passenger were arguing over the confusion with the passenger holding up the front door throwing cusses while the driver returned the sentiments while repeatedly calling him a monkey. Clever Devices was apparently not working that day on that bus (an XN40) so driver made exceedingly loud and passive aggressive manual announcements over his speakerphone/Speakeasy(?). Took note that some passengers addressed his attitude to which he responded with "Well get the f**k off my bus!"
  4. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    Oh nonsense friend. By all means, it's clear throughout this entire thread that he means that the B82 (and by extension the bus system as a whole) needs to be thrown into the basura in it's entirety and that the little benefits of SBS treatment won't outweigh the costs. If so little people rely on the local and limited, why bother even running it?
  5. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    Oh yes 32,000 daily riders. Non-existent...thin as air. I can stretch and breathe easier. Who needs the B82 right?
  6. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    Nonsense he clearly has all of his stats right. B82 ridership? I don't know her... 🤣
  7. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    Why not get rid of both altogether? Why bother with all of the random unavoidable power outages, bottlenecks, and signal problems our subways are plagued with? Why bother with all of the heavy, unpalatable buses that are wasting our space and oxygen when when we're all better off driving cars? Why can't poor people just get jobs and save up for cars, right? Clearly this city hasn't been built around transit...it just so happened to have been built haphazardly within the last century and Robert Moses can definitely atest to this.
  8. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    No No mrbrklyn does have a point. He's enlightened me so clearly the logical thing to do now is do nothing and allow the B82 to eventually deteriorate. Certainly us East New York and Canarsie residents contribute to the minority of the non-existent B82 ridership base. Why must the MTA waste money on thousands of dollars on a miles long crosstown route that's practically abandoned when we have cars to drive on our breathable, open, congestion-free Belt Parkway? Cada quien a lo suyo, right? 🙄🙄🙄
  9. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    Or the one guy who wanted the Far Rockaway A train extended to down the street from their house...cuz hey that certainly didn't get any community opposition right?
  10. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    For real though. As someone who has regularly used the B82 since childhood to get to and from school as well as run errands...first of all """"minor""" passenger capacity? Take it from someone who grew up taking this route when I say ridership has seen increases for as long as I can remember. Whatever B82 local runs this guy sees that would probably have around 20 passengers is not even scratching the surface. Even though the Limited only runs during rush-hours, it certainly comes with its benefits of bringing people to their final destinations quicker and it most certainly sees crowding most of the time. SBS, with all of the various flaws it has, it does have its benefits including off-peak daytime service. Unless this guy is some city planner who can prove to me that splitting or eliminating the B82 altogether would have some benefit with well planned out alternatives aside from driving (something I refuse to do when traveling intra-city) or taking a circle around the subway system just to reach a place only 4 miles from where I live, I object to whatever he believes about bus systems in general.
  11. RTSTdrive

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It was mentioned a page or two ago that the Luminator Spectrum sign programs are being modified to have similar (if not identical) typefaces seen on the Hanover signs. Interesting especially since the fonts for the 'LIMITED' and '+SELECT BUS' sign text is now virtually indistinguishable between Lum. and Han.
  12. RTSTdrive

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Unusual especially for the MTA Bus Co. C40LFs. Spotted 571 with a Good Day NY front ad which completely caught me by surprise.
  13. RTSTdrive

    I Love NY destination sign

    You know i've always wondered if the I <3 NY text for the signs was just a one off thing or if the code stayed for newer buses
  14. RTSTdrive

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    He meant its the end of the flip-dot/Allison VII CNGs
  15. RTSTdrive

    MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    It's saved and put on another part along with whatever could be reused such as seats, wipers, mirrors, etc.


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