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  1. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    572 had them since early last year. 589 looks fairly recent and is different cuz it has working WiFi.
  2. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Looks like SC is getting a round of upgrades as well.. just got off 589 with info screens and wifi
  3. Nova Bus/Prevost News & Current Events

    Probably the font size used in conjunction with the Hanovers. Not sure how different programming is between the Hanovers, Luminators, and Axioms but a similar case can be observed for the B35. For the McDonald Av trips, the Luminators on the C40LFs and Orions would display "B35 McDONALD AV" but the XN40s would display "B35 MCDONALD"
  4. 7484 & 0016

    So by the looks of it, it seems that the MTA has chosen Vianova to install the digital screens for future orders
  5. I mean we already have XE40 pilots on the way that all also essentially have a zero emmisions propulsion system. Besides NF has already ceased making classic-style LF buses since our 2011-13 C40LF order so its impractical that SOME interest for a mass produced version of a ZEPS would revive the old LF styling.
  6. A that was severely behind schedule making "express" stops along Myrtle-Wykoff>Bway Junction>Livonia>E 105th Street
  7. Most likely a noob question but has the MTA ever considered rebuilding part of an existing steel El structure with prefabbed concrete structures (a la AirTrain JFK) in the past?
  8. Proterra buses are here?

    I think whats interesting with the Proterras is that they have LED lights on the mirrors. Something not regularly spec'd on NYCT Buses but was common on LIB. Also the oddly sized Stop Request sign seems to be on a mount that looks like it can fit those Digital Screens in the future.
  9. Select Bus Service Discussion

    It baffles me that despite having a memo posted up, some drivers still don't cross honor the Select tickets on local buses. I was waiting for a 44 Select by Nostrand/Church earlier this week to go to my AM classes and seeing that the next Select was all the way at St John's Pl and a ticket already in hand, I decided on trying to board a local with a ticket for the first time but then the driver stopped and questioned me as to why i was using an SBS receipt to board his local bus. I had no other source but the MTA website to explain the cross honoring situation to him but even then he kept saying that I'm only supposed to use the tickets on Select Buses only. He then told me I was holding him up and I subsequently kicked myself out of the bus then waited about 10 minutes for the Select to come by. Ironically i struck up a convo with a 44 Select driver about this and he said that Select tickets were supposed to be accepted on the locals.
  10. Welp guess I was the stupid one trying to explain to a FB driver that we can use the B44 Select tickets to board B44 locals. 🤷 

    1. BreeddekalbL
    2. MassTransitHonchkrow


      I've never heard of that. Quite honestly, the buses register differently. You can actually Xfer between B44 and B44-SBS because the MetroCard sees them as two different buses.


      For kicks and giggles, I dipped my MC on a SBS fare box although I already had my ticket  - it said Invalid Card, which means the box already counted it.

  11. Bus Announcement

    Speaking of multi-lingual announcements, the MTA should consider implementing that in their CD turn announcements. Basically instead of EN>EN>EN it could be EN>ES>EN (or if it's possible, substitute Espanol with another language depending on location). NJT and King County Metro has the same warning announcements as ours albeit with the addition of Espanol so it shouldn't be as difficult to pull off here in the city.
  12. It's inside a vacant space along 42nd Street near 6th Av (walk past the Pandora and it'll be seen clear inside). Said space was formerly the Times Square Asics store as a display and small clothing section.
  13. Enhanced Station Initiative

    Would the rebuilt stations become slightly quieter due to the materials used for the new wall and floor tiling (like the new South Ferry, 34-Hudson, & the 2 Av Subway)?
  14. Enhanced Station Initiative

    As much as anyone here would love to agree with you, to renovate Chambers St would be more expensive than renovating any other subway station serving a single line in the system pretty much due to its size. Funny and yet sad to think that this was one of the major masterpieces of the BMT really. While a renovation isn't guaranteed, ADA accessibility for the platforms is planned so that's something.
  15. R179 Discussion Thread

    Yep basically


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