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  1. RTSTdrive

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    So long as it isn't blaring those annoying service alerts every 5 minutes or so like on the C40LF's (I'm looking at you Luminator), then it's very likely Clever Devices. Another way to tell is if the "Please Exit Through the Rear Doors" announcement is still the same human voice from since the delivery of the NGs rather than text-to-speech as heard in the incoming buses that have the White-Grey framed screens (Vianova).
  2. RTSTdrive

    2048 Subway Map

    Let's face it. The only realistic thing about this map is the SAS getting to 125th by 2048. Everything else is either another unrealized proposal that won't get past the drawing boards e.g. LGA Subway and the L extension to 10th Avenue (Which I personally think would be better used as relay trackage than another dead-end terminal) or straight up trolling material that you should only find on Reddit. 😐
  3. RTSTdrive

    Where Are We With Automated Announcements on Buses?

    IIRC from a post from years ago, all buses since the NG Hybrids have the CleverDevices IVN which is responsible for containing PSAs/Automated Announcements, info for the route displays, and (at one point GPS) for BusTime. It was really only a matter of programming it into the IVN. Not sure if that's truly the case now with the ones found on the Novas and newest Xclesiors but the screens should still be tied to an IVN onboard.
  4. RTSTdrive

    Where Are We With Automated Announcements on Buses?

    Thought of a good alternative to whatever TTS program the MTA decided to go for: Google Cloud Text to Speech. The same thing running the very human voices for Google Maps and Assistant (technically called WaveNet) is openly available to all developers now so perhaps someone in the MTA (or whoever is contracted out to install the screens) can develop an API tailored for use for these screens? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who's not a fan of a TTS voice that is expected to have their voice 'crack' every mid sentence or so (I'm looking at you C40LF screens). Plus it'll still be cheaper and time saving than having Sara Weaver pre-record the hundreds of routes and thousands of stops this city has.
  5. RTSTdrive

    Where Are We With Automated Announcements on Buses?

    Nah pretty sure the 76xx XD40s still use text-to-speech albeit more realistic sounding than the hideously slow and cringeworthy Microsoft Zira voice that came with the test screens on the 73xxs. Otherwise, they shouldn't be announcing "Utica Avenue and Av North" instead of "Utica Avenue and Avenue N" if it was pre-recorded. Edit: Speaking of Microsoft, I find it hilarious that they all use some version of Windows Embedded whenever the screens encounter some sort of error dialog box.
  6. RTSTdrive

    What are the best MTA Bus route

    As a regular B103 rider from Canarsie, I'd say the only problems it has is crowding during rush hour (though the service frequency makes up for it) and lack of late night service. Given that it's a Limited, it has to stop in the midnight hours at some point but having it run at reduced headways late at night would be helpful when coming home late as opposed to relying solely on the B6/82 then either walking or transferring to the 17/42.
  7. RTSTdrive

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Probably still tryna get the programs for the screens and announcements sorted out for the B46SBS. Remember: These were only fully programmed for JA Depot routes as well as the M15SBS and Q44SBS. Also remember that the 73xx screens initially didn't come with transfer announcements until after some time later and even after they added that in, some things had to be sorted out (example: announcing LTD in B103 LTD literally as L T D instead of "Limited") Different manufacturers. Different programs. The 76xx-series has screens from Vianova while the 73xx-series screens are from some other company. And if i read correctly from an older forum post, all post-2008 the buses have Clever IVN so there's also a matter in getting the screens compatible with what whatever OEM version of IVN is on board the bus.
  8. RTSTdrive

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Technically speaking...it isnt a person. It's the same text to speech program used on the LFSA Screens
  9. RTSTdrive

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Loved seeing those paint schemes when I was younger. But unfortunately the MTA decided to do away with the black paint on the sides and eventually the rear to save money or something like that
  10. RTSTdrive

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    The NG Hybrids (and by extension the VII hybrids in general) were meant to run on stop & go routes in most of the other four boroughs. They aren't suitable for Staten Island local bus routes (especially the 79SBS) as they can practically run thru open suburban roads that allow for higher speeds and, as a result, breakdown frequently. There was also the issue of the digital screens messing them up electrically but might've been fixed by now
  11. RTSTdrive

    Bus Stories

    I'll recount my most recent worst experience...though this was not on an MTA bus but rather on a NICE bus (let's face it, in our minds it's still MTA-like but more bootleg at this point) Was waiting for the n6X by Hempstead Tpk. & New Hyde Park Rd. after a day of hanging out with my cousin. Bus arrives but sign was stuck on n6 for some reason so a white paper sign with N6X written on it was placed by the windshield. Right as I was about to get on, the operator and an elderly passenger were arguing over the confusion with the passenger holding up the front door throwing cusses while the driver returned the sentiments while repeatedly calling him a monkey. Clever Devices was apparently not working that day on that bus (an XN40) so driver made exceedingly loud and passive aggressive manual announcements over his speakerphone/Speakeasy(?). Took note that some passengers addressed his attitude to which he responded with "Well get the f**k off my bus!"
  12. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    Oh nonsense friend. By all means, it's clear throughout this entire thread that he means that the B82 (and by extension the bus system as a whole) needs to be thrown into the basura in it's entirety and that the little benefits of SBS treatment won't outweigh the costs. If so little people rely on the local and limited, why bother even running it?
  13. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    Oh yes 32,000 daily riders. Non-existent...thin as air. I can stretch and breathe easier. Who needs the B82 right?
  14. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    Nonsense he clearly has all of his stats right. B82 ridership? I don't know her... 🤣
  15. RTSTdrive

    SBS B82 just undoable

    Why not get rid of both altogether? Why bother with all of the random unavoidable power outages, bottlenecks, and signal problems our subways are plagued with? Why bother with all of the heavy, unpalatable buses that are wasting our space and oxygen when when we're all better off driving cars? Why can't poor people just get jobs and save up for cars, right? Clearly this city hasn't been built around transit...it just so happened to have been built haphazardly within the last century and Robert Moses can definitely atest to this.


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