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  1. One note I'd like to add here in the forums that wasn't shown in my video of the Luminator screens: When they were first testing it on C40LF 572, it initially annunciated all of the transfers regardless of how many bus and subway routes intersected (if you were in Flatbush Junction or Downtown Brooklyn, lord have mercy on ya soul). Not something I saw as an ideal fix but I'm glad they at least that they cut it off with "...and others" after listing 3 route transfers. What I hope in the future with the other screens made by Vianova and Clever Devices is have them list the multitude of transfers with "Multiple transfers are available" (a la NICE Bus) or something similar because those announcements for the transfers by Jamaica Center are just...
  2. 🤦‍♂️I swear these young YouTubers need to restrain themselves with these comments lest they wind up misinforming more fanners. Don't where they're getting these sources from but until East New York, Caitsith, or any other admins have any word about this supposed swap, best believe they're nothing but baseless rumors.
  3. What's up with most of the Clever Device screens not giving out route and stop info?
  4. DRI was aqcuired by Luminator and Clever Devices. Also the Clever Device screens already announce transfers. What should be fixed is how long it takes to load the transfer announcements after the initial stop announcement was made.
  5. On top of that, I also prefer the layout of the Luminator screens on the C40LFs over the others (1 smaller screen next to the ADA flip-up seats and the widescreen towards the middle). It's just simple yet effective.
  6. Pretty much all buses (old and new) do that regardless of generation or model. The engine's compressors release air after about 30 seconds regardless of the engine's RPM. TA has spec'd noticeably quieter air releases for the buses with the ISLG/ISL9/L9 engine.
  7. Can't count on the MTA to bring back the Bergen Street lower level unfortunately especially after enduring years of being unused which resulted in it being structurally fragile. Unless you plan on getting the surrounding community to pressure TA into restoring the lower level, they'll likely cite expensive costs for rehabilitation (including the need to add elevators in order to bring the complex up to ADA standards) as outweighing the benefits of relieving congestion if express service were to be restored.
  8. It's really either just unused track or empty trackbed. The station layout is consistent with that of a typical local station but, as stated before, plans changed last minute and the IND decided to have the present-day stop at Nostrand as well but by that time the mezzanine was already built and the trackbed for the intended bypass express tracks were in place. Had the ramping up of the express tracks to the mezzanine-turned-platform level were decided against, we would've seen a simpler crossover design albeit only for trains as per the original IND plans.
  9. As much as I wholeheartedly agree with this idea, there's a reason why the end doors are locked on the 75' cars and it's purely due to hazardous clearance issues. When clearing curves, the anti-climbers produce gaps that are larger than the ones seen on standard 60' BMT/IND cars. Thus unlike other car types, they're truly restricted to being unlocked by authorized personnel.
  10. On the 82 select as I speak and a few things off here: 1) Seems my driver forgot the memo that the 82 Select was supposed to turn on to Avenue K for Kings Highway instead of continuing straight to Flatbush via Flatlands. 2) Seems that some fare boxes are still taking MetroCard seeing that a few people got on without the driver saying anything 🤷‍♀️
  11. Actually 60 footers have the same turn radius of a 30 footer. It's literally just 30ft bodies attached back to back
  12. I've been waiting a long time for the buses to come with the automated stop announcements and info screens (though I originally anticipated LED boards.) It's only now been happening since the delivery of the 2018 XD40 order along with the ongoing retrofit of the current fleet but if I'm not mistaken, interior LED boards were first tested on the first Orion 7 CNG #7560 (albeit without any announcements) and in subsequent years with the 2003-04 D60s, one 1998 RTS, and finally the Clever Device BusTime pilot on Orion 7 NGs assigned to the M34/16 and later 34/34A Select. If only Clever Devices fixed up the kinks with the GPS and sold their transit solutions at a price lower than they offered at the time, then we probably could've gotten this tech by the time the wave of 2011-2013 bus orders came in. In terms of actual fleet models, I'll utilize a combo of past what-could've-beens and speculation. I thought it would've been neat for NYCT to order some D60LFs after they demo'd one out of Minnesota back in the early 2000s but hey at least we got XD60s. I also thought it would've been cool that had Manhattanville become a CNG depot, we would've either seen a larger fleet of Orion 7 CNGs than we had over the past decade or perhaps 2003-04 model C40LFs with the DDS50 MK-G/B400R combo (a la the Altoona C40LF test unit) had the MTA and NF not gotten into their dispute following the delivery of the last D60HFs.
  13. All of the exact unit's numbers I forgot about but here they are 1997-98 RTS: B47 and B6 Limited 1999 Orion 5 CNG: B103 1999 Orion 5 Diesel: B47, B60, and Q20A 1999-2000 C40LF: B8 and B35 2000 D60HF: M101 Limited 2003 Orion 7 CNG: B100 and B103 (Funny enough I was actually by Flatbush Junction at around the same time someone took a video of one on it's second to last day of service)

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