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  1. i got sworn in today and was wondering who else got in i think a bunch of you guys will be sworn in this week good luck guys
  2. did anyone else get appointed today for june 30th????? before anyone asks my number is 229x i had a medical hold so that is a very low number good luck everyone going for their medical in the next few days
  3. I spoke with miss shivers today i was told that the last appointed was 2409. i was also told that they are going to start calling in a day or to for the june 30th class Remember if you were on a hold and came off they may be past your number so you will be at the front of the list Good luck everyone
  4. i was on a sleep apnea hold. so i need to show a compliance report of 30 days useage and get a doctors note that the machine has cured my sleep apnea. it took almost 30 days to come off the hold mostly because it took that long for the doctors appointment. im sure if i were seeing a pulmonologist on a regular basis i could have gotten the letter without the appointment.
  5. i went down to 140 livingston yesterday to come off a medical hold. im off and back on the list i was told that the june 30th class has not been filled yet and they will be calling for that class soon. i don't know the number that they are up to and my number is 229x but they are passed that because of my medical hold good luck everyone
  6. yes i just wanted to warn others so they can clear a hold fast im going to be pushed to june30 start date no big deal but want to get started late started is better than getting canned later for lying im convenced they would find out
  7. sleep apnea if you have sleep apnea and a cpap machine use it. sleep apnea is not a dis-qualifier you need a printout of your machine for at least 30 days to show compliance . it needs to show that you are using it 80% of the time with at least 4 hours per night. remember if you don't disclose it and they find out your gone. just make sure you are using it so when the time comes for a medical hold you can take care of it fast and get back on track
  8. just got call my number is just under 2300 first dt feb 10 i asked and was told they want me for the may 18 class the april start date class is full i am going in for the medical and second drug test because mine will be to old was told not to bring my booklet till i pass second drug test good luck everyone
  9. does anyone know if the march class is full? or what number they are up to now thank you
  10. im late 2200s and went through dt 2/10 im trying to get a feel for where they are
  11. does anyone know if the march class is full
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