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  1. I don’t have Fmla but I have called out sick more than 7 times in the past 3 years . But I have never been on sick control .
  2. What exactly are the attendance requirements to getting promoted ? I have never been on sick control but I have used a decent amount of days
  3. Hey I just got my pre employment packet . I got two tickets in jersey around 5 years ago should I list that on The paper . Also I have New York State license but since I got the ticket in Jersey do I need to get my jersey abstract the tickets won’t even be on there no more I don’t even remember when or why I even got them
  4. The list is over ? I just reinstated my name will they call me or just go start on the next list
  5. Hey I have a question if I wanted to take the cdl road test before the mta calls me would I need to get a medical card before hand
  6. Hey for the people who recently went down for the pre employment medical do they require everyone to have a sleep study done before they will clear ?
  7. I heard that you can’t have a certain amount of sick days used to get promoted was just wondering if anybody knew the exact numbers ?
  8. Anybody know the last list number to receive a letter to come I. ?
  9. Hey anybody know what was the last number called my brothers should be getting called soon I want to forewarn him
  10. The measurements are a waist of time they probably still won't fit lol that's what happened to me and a whole bunch of people I know
  11. Oto is overtime offset you can either get paid for overtime or bank it for a day off
  12. So let's say I call out again but this time with a doctor line do I still get put on sick control or conseuling
  13. What do you mean by one running year ?
  14. No one in April one in June one in July and one in august and no I didn't bring lines

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