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  1. I have a list number of 66xx , You guys think i have any shot at this before list expires?
  2. You can postpone as long as you like so long as you reinstate your name and go through the entire hiring process(pre employment,medical) before the list expires on its 4th year. Is there anything that disqualifies you for the position? I'm having back surgery
  3. Good Morning, I have a question. I received the letter to go in for the drug test and start processing, but I'm scheduled to have surgery soon can In postpone this appointment and if so for how long? Will need months of recovery time.
  4. is this test a continuation of another test, the numbers they gave out are high. I applied in the first 1hr 1/2 and got a number in the 6000's and from what I see from other people their numbers are in the 4 digits. I applied for 2301, 2 weeks after it opened and got a lower number.
  5. More than a month and no one has anything to say about the exam, I guess it stalled out. Friend of mine got hired off of test 3101 number 45x, he says some other dude from the same test was is in his training class and has a number over 830 if anyone is interested
  6. yo what's up, who was the last number in and don't say call because they are calling people out of order
  7. thanks kiw422 and good luck to you
  8. what's the deal? any news? its been super quiet in here lately
  9. alright man thanks for the info, still doesn't make sense. A friend of mine took the 3101 test, never heard back from the mta. He called and asked what's up, they sent a letter telling him he passed with a new number 150 places lower than his list number for the test.
  10. there is a disconnect here, I call and they say 1250. People on the forum are saying in the 2000's, how can it be so off?
  11. 5818 I guess I have another 2 years to wait
  12. call yesterday woman told me the number is 1250
  13. Called today list number is upto 1123 so its moving just hold your stuff together, you'll get there.
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