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  1. On 8/23/2019 at 5:58 PM, subwayfan1998 said:

    What if a small meteorite size of a soccer strikes 30th Avenue Station in Astoria?

    Assuming permanent damage (a few weeks):

    Shuttle buses between Queensboro Plaza and Astoria-Ditmars, with a stop at Court Sq.

    (N) Trains run to 96th St, with some terminating at 59th St-Lex at peak times, local in Manhattan.

    (W) Trains suspended

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  2. 2 minutes ago, 67thAve said:

    I'm going to be attending Hunter College starting in the fall. I will be taking train #907 (arrives at 8:29 to Penn, it's the only direct of the day) in, and am considering various routes via the subway to get from the railroad to Hunter. As I am not a regular subway rider (though I will be, come this fall), I am aware that other members on this forum will have much more knowledge about reliability and speed than I do. The options I am considering are:

    1) LIRR to Forest Hills >>> walk to 71st/Continental >>> F to Lexington/63rd >>> walk to Hunter College

     The biggest appeal of this route is that I don't need to transfer between subway services. I may also be able to grab a seat at either 71st or when people get off at Roosevelt to transfer to the 7. However, the F, from what I hear, is very delay-prone, and I will have to walk a few blocks from Lex/63rd to Hunter, which may be a bit irritating in inclement weather.

    2) LIRR to Woodside >>> 7 express to Queensboro Plaza >>> N/W to Lex/59th >>> 6 to 68th/Hunter College

     This route has the benefit of being nearly as direct distance-wise as option #1, and also happens to avoid the walk from Lex/63rd to campus. However, this option requires two transfers. If I can pull of the transfers with minimal wait (which I doubt is possible, thanks to the current state of the subway), then could it possibly be faster than option #1?

     3) LIRR to Penn Station >>> E to 53rd/Lex >>> 6 to 68th/Hunter College

     This option requires backtracking across Manhattan, but it only requires one transfer. This is the least appealing to me, not just due to the longer distance, but also due to the fact that transferring at 53rd/Lex can be cumbersome due to the crowds and narrow escalators. However, I could easily be wrong.

     Out of these three, which one would likely be the best option? If anyone has any routes I have not considered, you are welcome to reply with those.

    I would so go with Option 1. I daily commute to school as well, and I would hate to have to make so many transfers as I want time to rest or study or something else on the train. Not only is it a great option because you have the F, you can use the R or the E if something goes wrong. A 5 block walk really isn't bad, trust me.

  3. 15 hours ago, BM5 via Woodhaven said:


    Weekday Shoulder period (3:00 PM)

    A water main break at 34 Street (6th Avenue line) is disrupting service on the (B)(D)(F)(M) Uptown Platform

    Shortly afterward, there is a track fire at 23 Street-8 Avenue on the Northbound Express track

    There is also a signal malfunction at Court Square.

    This is assuming the Broadway line is NOT affected...

    On 6th Ave: The downtown local track is used as the downtown track for ALL trains, and the downtown express track is used as the uptown express track for ALL trains (between W4 and 42nd)

    (B) Service reduced

    (D) Normal express uptown, local downtown

    (F) Normal local downtown, skips 14th and 23rd downtown

    (M) Trains routed to Chambers St, change at Essex for (F) 

    (A) Local from Canal to 34th, Downtown normal

    (E) Some trains begin/end at 34th St in order to alleviate congestion on the local tracks

    (G) (Assuming the switches north of 21st also have problems)  - Select trains terminate at Bedford-Nostrand or Nassau Av, with limited service to Court Sq

  4. 8 hours ago, FamousNYLover said:

    Next: Shooter at NYC Penn Station forces lock down at NY Penn Station including subway station. Trains can't pass 34th St.

    Train service affected: (1)(2)(3)(A)(C)(E), LIRR, NJT and Amtrak.

    Reroute this trains.

    Bonus: Street closure on 7th and 8th Avs between 42nd and 28th St. Reroute BxM2, M5, M7, M20, M34, M34A, Q32, X22, X22A, X23, X24, X31, 

    (1) South Ferry - Chambers, 42nd (non-Rush Hour) or 96th (Rush Hour) to 242nd

    (2) Flatbush - 14th St (w/ some trains via Lex), 42nd - Wakefield via Express

    (3) New Lots Ave - 14th, 42nd - 148th via Local

    (A) via 6th Ave Express between W4th and 59th

    (C) Terminates at 14th St by using express tracks north of Canal St, then running express to 14th and switching back using the switches north of 23rd St, which should be in the cleared area (yeah, I know, extra)

    (E) via 6th Ave local between W4th and 5th Ave, reduced service w/ reduced service on the (M) between Essex and Queens as well.

    Shuttle buses serve non-serviced stations on 7th Ave, but (imo) not required on 8th Ave


    -  All Hempstead, Far Rockaway, West Hempstead, Babylon, and Long Beach trains routed to Atlantic Terminal.  Use (B)(D)(N)(R)(Q) for service to Penn.

    - Port Washington, Ronkonkoma, Port Jefferson (non-diesel) trains rerouted to Hunterspoint Ave. Use (7) Hunterspoint Ave for Penn service.

    - Montauk, Oyster Bay, and Port Jefferson diesel trains to Long Island City. Use NYC Ferry service (cross-honored) or (7) trains at Vernon - Jackson for service to Manhattan.

    - Service reduced on all lines, CTZ train service suspended.


    - Northeast Corridor, Raritan, and NJCL trains routed to Hoboken, ferry service is increased and cross-honored. Services reduced slightly.


    - All trains terminate at Secaucus Jct in the south, Northeast Corridor & Acela terminates at New Rochelle in the north while Adirondack, Empire, Lake Shore trains via MNR to GCT directly. MNR cross-honors Amtrak tickets to provide service between New Rochelle and Manhattan.

    - Bus service provided between Secaucus Jct. and GCT

    I don't have time right now to figure out the buses, sooorry. I might edit and do it later.


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  5. Let me try an actual scenario...

    Breaking News!

    Due to a recent hurricane both the East New York and Jamaica Yards have suffered significant damage. Most of the subway cars are in good shape but there is no way to get them out due to fried third rails, track destruction, and structure damage. How do you reduce and change service in order to satisfy demand? (Lets say there were 10 trains stuck at ENY and 15 at Jamaica)

  6. On 12/28/2017 at 6:48 PM, NYCSBoy13 said:

    Scenario 1:

    For this scenario, assume that Cortlandt St (1) has been rebuilt completely.

    Long term solutions

    (1) Runs between 242nd and Chambers.

    (A) All Times: Jay St - W4 via Rutgers, (F) . Trains run local between W4 and 34th.

    Weekdays: Runs express on Fulton, but service slightly reduced for (C) @ Rutgers 

    Weekends & Late Nights: No express service, runs local on Fulton

    From 34th St to Canal St, the Northbound express track is used as a Southbound track

    (C) All Times: Some/all trains run between Canal St and 168th St. Southbound (C) trains skip 23rd St and Spring St.

    Weekdays: 75% of trains run to Euclid Ave via local, 25% to Canal

    Weekends: Trains run only between Canal and 168th

    (F) Rush Hours: Some trains routed via the (G) to provide capacity for (C) trains to use Rutgers

    (E) 34th - Jamaica. Use (C) in lower Manhattan.

    High St, WTC, Chambers and Fulton are closed. No shuttle buses provided, as High St is really close to York (A)(F), and (2)(3) as replacement between Fulton and Chambers

    (R) Runs only in Manhattan, from Canal St to Forest Hills, in Brooklyn replaced by:

    (J) extended to Brooklyn via Montague & 4th Avenue all times, increased service

    (W) Suspended

    Scenario 2:

    (2) Wakefield - Wall St, Eastern Pkwy - Flatbush

    (3) 148th St - South Ferry, Eastern Pkwy - New Lots

    (4) Woodlawn - Borough Hall, use (3) in Brooklyn

    (5) Eastchester - Bowling Green all times (weekdays), use (2) in Brooklyn

    Shuttle buses provide service to Clark - Borough Hall - Hoyt - Nevins - Atlantic - Bergen - Grand Army Plaza - Eastern Pkwy

    (B) Suspended

    (Q) CI - Prospect Park, Canal St (from (R) platform) to 96th St

    (N) CI - 59th, using switches just beyond the portal for switching, Whitehall St - Astoria, local in Manhattan

    (R) 95th St - 36th St shuttle, Whitehall St - Forest Hills

    (D) CI - 36th, 2nd Ave - 205th

    On 12/29/2017 at 11:15 AM, Lawrence St said:

    A Coney Island Bound (D) train derails at 42nd St-Bryant Park, smashing into the support beams in the tunnel and eventually crashes into the wall on the northbound track. This causes structural instability on the entire 6th Avenue Line from 14th St to 57th St, and it will take at least a week to repair the damage.

    (B) Suspended

    (D) via 8th Ave from W4 to Columbus Circle

    (F) via 8th Ave

    (M) Suspended, use (E) 

  7. Hey all! To try out Illustrator I decided to try do something requested, and I saw that somebody wanted a Service Change poster template. The thread is long dead and but I made it anyway, so here it is (files).

    The .ai (Illustrator), .svg, and .png are included in the pack. The poster isn't perfect and the font (Helvetica) is isn't exact but I think it comes close. You can download a free software like GIMP to edit the .svg, and if you obviously if you have Illustrator you can use the .ai. For the route bullets I would reccommend you use Threxx's svg files. 

    You can see how the template looks here:


    Good luck!

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  8. On 12/25/2017 at 11:13 PM, FamousNYLover said:

    Due to suspcious suitcase at 14th St passegeway between 6th & 7th Avs, (1)(2)(3)(F)(L)(M) and PATH can't go pass 14th St or 6th Av.

    (1) 1 train between South Ferry & Chambers, 96th - 241st

    (2) Flatbush - Chambers, 34th - Wakefield

    (3) New Lots - Chambers, 34th - 148th (local between 34th and 96th)

    (F) via express between W4th and 34th

    (M) via (E) between W4th and 53rd St

    (L) 3rd Ave - Canarsie w/ free transfer between Union Square and 3rd Ave

    PATH doesn't run along 6th Ave

  9. 5 hours ago, R68OnBroadway said:

    What if...

    Let's say another hurricane struck NY. Fortunately, most tubes had been rebuilt and fortified by the time the hurricane struck. However, Rutgers, 60th, and 63rd have flooded. Canarsie will still be shut down at the same time. 63rd will be closed for 1 month, while the other tubes will have to be shut down for 8. Reroute away!

    During 63rd Closure:

    (F) Routed via (G), (G) service suspended. Select service to York St. during rush hours. Shuttle buses serve 21st-Queensbridge, East Broadway - 2nd Ave, York St - Hoyt-Schermerhorn

    (M) replaces (F) in Manhattan, runs all times, service increased

    (R) terminates at 59th - Lex or 57th St

    When 63rd Reopens:

    (F) Two sections: Coney Island - York St, 2nd Ave - Jamaica

    (G) Returns

    (M) Returns to normal service

    (N) Two sections: Coney Island - 59th Lex (w/ some trains to 96th if need be), Queensboro - Astoria Shuttle

    (R) via 53rd St

    (W) Suspended

    (L) Canarsie - Bedford, as planned


  10. 12 hours ago, BayParkwayW said:

    A massive section of tunnel collapses between Bowery and Essex St, and the Essex st station itself loses power, so the platforms are closed. No trains can go through the Nassau line, but the Christie cut is still open. The issue will take months to fix and investigate, as there are also water leaks between Bowery and Broad St.

    Has major impact on (J)(brownM)(Z) service.

    (J)(M)(Z) Service suspended between Broad St and Marcy Ave 

    (J) Service runs between Marcy and Jamaica

    (M) Runs in two sections: Myrtle (with some trains extended to Marcy during peak) and Metropolitan, and 2nd Avenue and Forest Hills (wow, it's the (V))!

    (Z) Suspended

    For service in Queens use (G) and (L) trains

    For service in Manhattan, use (6) and (F) trains


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  11. 4 hours ago, MassTransitHonchkrow said:

    Likely from Satan's toenail clippings.

    Those things are nightmare and track fire fuel. No reasonable person would find these useful in any way. They're the most back-watered MetroCards in existence and comprise at least 5% of all track litter.

    ... they are also very important for people that need to go to the hospital or something of the like. I can't really think of a possible solution right now, maybe when the NFC cards are introduced this can be streamlined so not as much waste is created.

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  12. What if 6th ave (B)(D)(F)(M) shutdown in the long terms in weekend, days and nights.


    Assuming this is from Rockefeller to Broadway-Lafayette:


    (B) Runs via the (D) line from Coney Island to Jay Street Metrotech (R)

    (D) Service reduced slightly, runs via the (F) line from Coney Island to Jay Street, then via 8th Ave to Columbus Circle, finally to Bedford Pk Blvd on normal routing

    (F) Runs ONLY from 57th St to Jamaica-179th

    :75px-NYCS-bull-trans-S6_svg: Special (F) Shuttle from Jay St - MetroTech to Essex St

    (M) Ends at Chambers St


    Shuttle buses are as follows: 

    - Route 1: Essex St, 2nd Ave, Broadway-Lafayette, W4, 14th St, 23rd St, 34th St, 42nd St, Rockefeller Center, 57th St (All times)

    - Route 2: Grand St, Broadway-Lafayette, W4, 14th St, 23rd St, 34th St, 42nd St, Rockefeller Center, 7th Ave, Columbus Circle (All times)

    - Route 3A: Essex St, Broadway-Lafayette, W4, 34th St, 42nd St, Rockefeller Center, 57th St (weekdays)

    - Route 3B: Grand St, Broadway-Lafayette, W4, 34th St, 42nd St, Rockefeller Center, 7th Ave, Columbus Circle (weekdays)

  13. The Queens Blvd Line is fully shut down all the way from 50 St to 179 St. Also an  (F)  train derailed at Lex-63 St. There are signal problems at WTC layup. There is a power outage at Dekalb Av. Also, a  (J) and  (M) collided with each other just east of Myrtle Av.  (A) trains are running local between Canal St and 59 St due to construction. A passenger got struck by a train at 59 St. There is no Culver Line service between Bergen St and Church Av due to strong winds at Smith-9 St. How would you reroute  (E)  (F)  (M)  (R) service? :rock:

    Try and figure out which 59 St I'm referring to....


    Assuming the signal problems halt service, and the 59th St is Lex-59th, and the QBL power outage doesn't affect the switches west of Northern Blvd;


    (B) Limited rush hour service between West 4th and Bedford Park Blvd only


    (E) Canal St - Northern Blvd via QBL Local


    (F) Coney Island - Church Ave, Bergen - 23rd St Ely Ave via 53rd St

    (G) Bergen - Court Sq


    (J) Two sections: Marcy Ave - Broad St, Broadway Jct - Jamaica

    (M) Between Metropolitan Ave and Myrtle Ave, and between 74th - Roosevelt and Jamaica-179th

    (S) Shuttle buses between Myrtle-Wyckoff and Marcy Ave following the (M), and between Myrtle Ave and Broadway Jct


    (N) via 2nd Ave to 96th St as terminus

    (Q) Between Coney Island and Prospect Park, with single tracked trains between Prospect Park and Atlantic Ave at 3-4 TPH

    (R) to 2nd Ave and between 74th - Roosevelt and Jamaica-Parsons

    (S) Shuttle train between Queensboro Plaza and Astoria

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