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  1. Qualified today...day 7. tomorrow and friday is RTS training at Jamaica
  2. So, got through day 1 orientation. The biggest challenge was just trying to stay awake through the damn videos, lol. I report tomorrow for my 1st day of training at Michael J. Quill Depot.
  3. start truing tomorrow at Zerega for TA B/O. So excited i can't wait. training**
  4. completely off of the topic, but how do you friend request somebody on here or follow them?
  5. oh well thats a bit of a relief. i thought you had to ace everyday. i feel pretty confident with the driving part. its just the technical stuff I'm worried about. like turning the corners and giving pedestrians clearance. Like i mentioned earlier, I've driven trucks around the city but to be honest when you're turning a corner in manhattan you gotta be kind of aggressive if not you're not turning that corner lol. And from what I've been reading on here, it looks like you have to say every obstacle aloud; pedestrians, bikes, height clearances, ALSAPS process.
  6. Anything in particular I should know about the day to day training process?
  7. Good to know, thanks a lot. I start at Zerega on Monday, as the days get closer and closer I get more and more nervous. I've driven straight trucks for 7 years all over NYC and the country, but I could imagine driving a bus must be a whole other world.
  8. Oh ok. Thanks, and what about when they send you to line training?
  9. I wanted to find out if the depot they tell you to report to for the first time, is the same depot you will be at permanently?
  10. I've been following the posts on here for the past few weeks and between all of you, I've learned some pretty interesting things. Thank You guys.
  11. Hey everybody, i took the 2613 exam in January of 2013. I finally got all my paper work processed, and now I start at Zerega on April 7th. I'm so excited, anxious and nervous all at the same time.
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