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  1. @alyjuly& mtakidd Stay patient I know it's easier said than done. But they will contact you before the 1st d/t expires.
  2. Checking on everyone in line training how are you guys ? And how is everyone from 2613 ?
  3. Everything is great over here in Gleason. Everyone is super nice and they good lines. No rts buses lol
  4. Gleason depot first day out on line training I earned my money today 8) 421 class scream at me how's line training going?? And good luck to everyone from pre- employment to training hope we all make it !
  5. Hey muta 187 ,I think I saw you your really quiet
  6. Maybe where did you sit I was in the back lol
  7. Yup... Great! Hope we all qualify day 7 Great! Hope we all qualify day 7
  8. All I can say for those coming in is don't forget to cover your right, scan ahead, call everything out like cyclist, cars trying get around you, watch those lights don't get caught in the intersection like me and the over head call it out the height of it and the bus height . Hope this is helpful for someone Hey muta its cool just minor mistakes. How r u making out
  9. Where are the people in training day 3 people scream @ me lol
  10. Thanks you are all so helpful I hope we all make it . Big shout out to all that already have. See some of you on Monday Good luck to all
  11. Good evening ppl Going to Zerega Monday extremely nervous . I have my BPS as I already stated however, I have to learn the MTA way and probation for a year is very intimidating. anyone else? how soon do they throw you on the road? and how many days do you have to learn a bus line?
  12. I never took the BOSS for 2613 however I took the BOSS for another MTA exam summer '13 . I was told to come in and take the BOSS a a week after I took my d/t. After I stated that I took it already they looked into it and told me to come in a do the medical. Took the medical and was cleared but my d/t was going to expire so i took it over yesterday but i didn't my not processed as of yet correction I didn't go through " final processing " yet guess the wait continues lol... but I already have my license so hopefully everything works out
  13. what happens during final processing? and Can someone please tell me how long is training?
  14. hello everyone went in yesterday for medical But had to do a 2nd d/t because the 1st is going to expire soon . waiting to get the call for final processing. I didn't have to take the BOSS(which I wrote about in my first post) because I took it and pass less than a year ago. list # early 800's
  15. thanks for the replies really appreciate it ppl I will take the BOSS and post what happens next after .
  16. LOL ... THAT WOULD SUCK! I took it b4 not really hard
  17. I've been following this forum since I received a list #.
  18. I Was under the impression that the next step was the medical too
  19. I took B/O exam 2613 . list number in the early 800's .Got pre-employment papers in early march , went in and took the drug test the same day .I was told I would hear something in about 2-90 days they gave me a large yellow envelope with lots of paper work and sent me omw. received a v-mail this week telling me that I have to take a mandatory bus operator survey in . I never took the boss exam for 2613 only for mabstoa. I have no idea why I was called in for the survey but this is why I made this post lol
  20. went in for pre-employment mid march; then got a call to take a mandatory survey in early April . List #800's. took the boss last for mabstoa in the summer . anyone else share this experience or have some insight? already have my class b bps

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