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  1. Silly question if anyone know.. Is Yonkers Depot is closet to Kawasaki Yonkers Plant.. If Yonkers Depot shutdown.. I can imagine Kawasaki Yonkers Plant shutdown.. They have another plant in Lincoln , NE, But it will be upset .. I bet that Kawasaki plant will move Lincoln , NE were else. that there another plant
  2. Cough.. I can say if Mother Clara Hale Depot is Manhattan division. There wont be any changes in Bronx.. Everything will be the same in Bronx.. But will be changes in Manhattan.. if Mother Clara Hale Depot is the Bronx Division .. Then it something else I can say.
  3. Ok you got me I am sorry.. I just was saying in the surrounding area of part of the neighborhood .I know Bx23 is Bus route... Don't be upset with me ..
  4. Don't forget . Bx23 should go to Gun Hill Depot.. Bx23 is Co-op city shuttle.. At least it easy for College Point Depot to take Q50.. Let Gun Hill Depot handle Bx23... Gun Hill Depot already have Bx29 route that goes to Co-op city to City Island...
  5. Ok..I got..Geez. Not a big deal.. I can say for myself. Don't be upset. At least riding 1999 RTS Nova Bus at West Farms Depot can better than riding 2002 - 2004 Orion7 CNG that I can admit.. But my hope is. Now West Farms Depot getting 1999 RTS Nova Bus for sure.. I hope West Farms Depot can maintain well 1999 RTS Nova Bus.. I hope anyone know does A/C work well #4900 series that coming from East New York Depot going to West Farms Depot just wondering..
  6. As Summer Season coming to an end... When will R160A will stop running on .. As Summer Swamp between East New York Yard to 207 street yard coming to an end. As Fall Season start in September ... will be fully R32 again...
  7. As September come this Monday.. Between Unionport Yard & Jerome Yard.. Is Unionport Yard is willing to give up R142 ( Bombardier ) #7071 - #7080 send it back to Jerome Yard of .. Unionport Yard never had R142 #7071 - #7080 recently spotted on line service.. Last news nothing about R188 of ... Is Jerome Yard willing to give up R142A #7646 - #7660 & send it back to Westchester Yard home of ... At least those car should be return... At least Summer Season coming to an end.. Those car should be return.. Anyway does not need more cars.. does.. I hope anyone can confirm is R142A #7646 - #7660 will be return to that Westchester Yard.. Anyway what can I say ... I have to get used to riding R62A on .. Not a big deal.. If the A/C still work on R62A on I will be glad still.
  8. Off topic..: if Joralemon street tunnel due get closure for Sandy work.... I can imagine how can impact not going to Brooklyn .. When you got transfer available to , in Fulton Street that go to Brooklyn.. to Brooklyn late night would be great..
  9. Someone did say to due 126 street depot closure... As 1999 RTS Nova Bus etc;. from 126 Street depot will be free to which depot that need additional bus . So that why I say because of 126 street depot closure.. I maybe wrong..
  10. When will I see 1999 RTS Nova Bus #4967 - #4969 , #4972 - #4977 on service at West Farms Depot .. Last time I rode 1999 RTS Nova Bus was #5000 series at Gun Hill Depot.. That long time ago.. Saying
  11. Which car the female conductor that ran line went to track 2 .. I mean which old school car was she driving the train... Is it R32... That it not her fault.. The R32 is way too old .. Anything can happening driving R32.. The R32 retirement did came.. Or was it R46.. Off topic. if it was R46 .. That car must of got derailment , somehow went track 2 on downtown track.. That R46 if she drove should go OOS ( out of service ).. Someone did say R32 could turn bit to dust like there old , no longer capable to run for service due to the age.. If R32 ever get derailment saying.
  12. You know which depot was X90 based from. That Michael J. Quill Depot.. Does X90 routes existed or discounted .. I can imagine what bus will Michael J. Quill Depot will put X90..
  13. Cant wait this Sunday . Bx24 will be start to go to Hutchinson Metro Center as Last stop to Country Club as regular route..
  14. Hello Orion plant that in upstate New York right.? The Orion plant have been shutdown.. So Orion is no longer exist.. I thought New Flyer Industries bought Orion.. So it up to New Flyer.. At least everyone do like riding New Flyer bus right... I have feeling New Flyer industries will be the top brand in North America I hope.. ?
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