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  1. nothing much to report the first couple days, but it went well. Im guessing we'll trying not to flood this forum with that stuff when people more worried about last person hired etc. but again it went well
  2. Your better off just waiting for your training to start. alot of those books are outdated besides your gone have months of training anyway so its no rush
  3. lol so true. When you start going down there on the clock, your use that to your advantage to miss out on working most of that day
  4. Ohh ok congrats!!! Your the exception since your number was so low hopefully people will be coming in for the medical and final processing this and next week
  5. people got called in to redo the drug test this week but i've had not heard anyone put in that class as of yet. Maybe I missed it but someone please correct me if different
  6. Posted Today, 08:40 AM Can you post her number? Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 347 643 8218
  7. yea it was explained to me that way. It just seems like it would be easier for them to just get that info from there archives. I'm sure if they needed that info to discipline me for some bs they would get it with no problem lol. but hey I'll live
  8. well i called up and they told me that they tend to call more than they need so for everybody drug test thats over 90 days you have to fill out the paperwork again and to come in the date the 2nd job letter says. smh I really have to start saving my job history. side note: Keep in mind that if you switch tittles in TA they still make you put down your 10 yr history, so you might want to save that for future references, I'm learning the hard way lol
  9. its for June 2nd. Thanks for the info, I'm just glad i dont have to fill out everything again. Still makes no sense to me that i had to fill out employment history again in the first place. Being that i already done it when i was hired as a B/O. but it's TA so im use to the head scratchers lol
  10. Has anyone else thats still waiting for final processing receive another job offer letter? I'm pretty sure it's a mistake but will call this week to find out. Shouldn't be necessary to fill out all that paperwork again
  11. make sure if you moved since you took that test that you updated your address with Dcas
  12. thats odd because nobody in the 2400s got called yet and i know someone in the 2300s who hasnt been called yet. It helps to check up on them though. TA is quick to skip you if your not paying attention. Heard alot of stories from last time i was doing this for my current position. but they dont mess up where they skip 100 people so he must be gave you the wrong number with that 2500
  13. 2404 since friday. She just gonna give you another phone number for her Co worker but she doesn't pick up calls like her.
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