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  1. Same thing I was thinking. Just moving violations...anything against your license.
  2. If you don't mind me asking. What type of tickets did you have?
  3. They held you up because of a parking ticket!?
  4. Thanks and yes...been waiting a long time for this joint, lol.
  5. Congrats!!! I got my letter in the mail today...FINALLY!!!
  6. 4,011, so with the rate they are sending out letters I should be good.
  7. Appreciate you responding. A have a few hundred people ahead of me, but my chances are looking better and better as time goes on.
  8. Congrats!!! What's your list number?
  9. Do they have a pyshical for this position?
  10. That was my score as well. List number 4,01x hoping I get a letter soon.
  11. I've been following this thread sine forever and I gave up hope on this a long time ago. My list number is still far away but I am hoping that it's reached in the upcoming months before the list expires.
  12. Appreciate you remembering my query and asking about it. Hands down this forum is the best thing to happen to any Civil Service exam. With them extending it another year and with the rate that they're hiring people I still may have a fighting chance. Again thanks to you @NYTech2000 and @straphanger for all your info.
  13. Thanks appreciate the honesty...hopefully things happen in my favor. Could definitely use this gig not to state the obvious, lol. I took the Track Worker exam as well so if this doesn't pan out God willing things go well with that.
  14. I've been in and out of this forum for about 2-3yrs now and yours is the first post that I'm commenting on. My list number is exactly 4,011 and I've been praying with fingers crossed that there's a slight chance that I'd be contacted for the position being that my number is so low. I'm hoping that a couple (hundred) people accepted the position as B/O which will give a brother a fighting chance. By your estimation do you think I'd make the cut? Honest opinion @straphanger and anyone else who has insight on me inquiry.

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