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  1. I start the 17th as well. Been a long journey but to god be the glory I made it in. List #2730s. Those who are waiting keep hope an faith Alive. #Godislove
  2. I was down there for the 3rd time 2 weeks ago. 3rd time I did a DT. Waiting For A Call. Didn't Even Know they was still sending letters out
  3. Feb 9th is for the next TO class or CR
  4. Any clue how many people will be in the next class. I took my DT for the 3rd time last week I hoping to be called soon. I'm 2730s
  5. Does anyone know when is the next class. When in February?
  6. No i was just at 180 Livingston for a DR for the 3rd time last Wednesday but no call yet. how did u hear about the Feb 9th class. Did you get a call?
  7. Anyone who has been called remembered what number they call you from when you get a call back. Is it a city number?
  8. Anyone has the number for one named ms rivera?
  9. I'm trying to figure out the same thing, what the hell is going on with this list. Does anyone know?
  10. good morning, does anyone know what's the status on the exam, are they still folks. An when is the test expiring? Is Feb 2015 or feb2016
  11. NYC 718 thanks for that info. I hope I didn't miss the call. Whats your list #?I'M 2730s
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