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  1. Only way I see this working is this , Start some service from Myrtle-broadway since the bulk of the people will be at Marcy and Essex delancey Start some at Marcy stop so it can accommodate rush hour crowds at Marcy and delancey. Run trains on a 3-4 minute frequency between Myrtle and Manhattan anyone agree with this ??
  2. that dyre avenue project has been going for a long time now
  3. how long does it take for an non test position to get from interviewed to hired
  4. Can having a family member in the MTA guarantee you a job how long is the process from interview to start?????
  5. Do you think the MTA wants to have a hub where the 2,5 and the 4 meet at kings plaza
  6. 2nd avenue line wont get much service it will only favor those needing to go to broadway and west side
  7. i wish they include transfer at hoyt schmerhorn to 2 3 hoyt st
  8. Sometimes I wish they make the run to chambers and to broad
  9. that's exactly it I hope they can keep they word since they say fal because the last 2 took a whole year and without trains running they can get more work done
  10. i don't ride B46 on the regular but I'm glad they added SBS it is needed
  11. I get it I already do this with the and at Barclays center
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