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  1. This week - no calls. I think we are looking at July, I would say another 2-3 weeks. I read this forum since 2012, it happened to others before, 4-5 weeks after the second DT. Have a great weekend everyone!
  2. 100% right! Didn't think about that. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your responses! I'm following this forum for a long time... For some people it takes three days after the second DT, for others more than a month. It's normal. If no call within the next two weeks - will call HR office.
  4. Hey Grey, any updates? How is everybody around 2600 doing? Any calls? I guess 6/30 will not happen to us........
  5. AAnxious, Great News!! I was expecting your post on Monday, but earlier is better! Most likely I will be called next week. Thanks for advice. #2587
  6. Good Q! I wanted to ask that when I took my second D/T. I didn't get 21 page booklet either. But they saw that I work for another City agency. Maybe that is the reason. Your friend works in the private or public sector?
  7. Thanks again RTOMan! I'm just trying to see financially what am I looking at in the very beginning. Many companies spend minimal resources on training time. I thought it would be 35 hrs a week. I can see it is not the case with MTA. Evidently - Great company!
  8. Mard, School car - 35 or 40 hrs a week? Lunch 30 mins or one hr? How long is the training? how many months total?
  9. Everything will be fine. Very well organized considering how many people they process a day..... you come in, get your number, will be called to make a line, get your papers (few of them), then will be called again to return your papers, after that will be send to take D/T, come back, tell them you took your D/T. Wait for another letter or the call after that. Should be out by 10AM. They work fast, good and professional people, no complaints. They will help you with any question you have.
  10. It's ok. Hopefully nothing major. Let's see how is it going to play out. Will post if any change to me......
  11. AAnxious, good luck tomorrow with the medical exam! Didn't get my call yet.... 258x
  12. Great news. Congrats! Hopefully me - next week. Good weekend everyone! # 258x
  13. Thanks again for the info everyone. Very interesting. Can't wait to start. taking my second D/T today. Asked the lady in the front, she told me they will call back again. Second letter is just another D/T.
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