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  1. Slightly tangential to subway random thoughts thread, but the 190th St A elevator replacement completion date is pushed back to November 2021. https://www.facebook.com/groups/511738808873800/permalink/4413336138714028/
  2. The issue with the R179s isn’t CBTC auto brake, unlike the CBTC enabled trains. It’s that the brakes don’t work reliably
  3. Reportedly two people suffered a heart attack, including a B/O. 7 people injured
  4. I think it was a deadhead to 181 and the driver made a severe miscalculation on their turn onto Washington Bridge Edit: turns out some other car crashed into the bus and the bus skidded into the cut
  5. There is probably a school car of R32s on the N: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CH28fSonNsE/?igshid=tzum9b8wt0g1 edit: apparently it’s a movie car?
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/432657521042383/permalink/473606316947503/ This is interesting. Might mean that the construction work for 190th St A is also accelerated
  7. They’ll let you stay on the train till it gets to the terminal. You can also transfer to those connecting shuttle trains (5, Lefferts A, R) past 1 (to connect with trains that have runs that start before 1 but end after 1)
  8. Don’t think the can use 4 car 60’ trains. Iirc back when the used 4 car R32s post sandy, one set lost power over a third rail gap. Then the R46s replaced the R32s
  9. Did #22 got pulled from service? Tracker doesn’t see to be tracking #22
  10. Also the WMATA 7K series. Had some faulty crimping that needed to be fixed.

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