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  1. 3292 and 3291 already in yard from Saturday https://i.imgur.com/ApLWMqe.jpg (and yes, I do row)
  2. The former is something that happens to all R179s. They fade away as they are wiped. The rows is also on all sets.
  3. Canarsie R143 sets are getting them too.
  4. 1249 unwrapped. It was running on the M101 today
  5. Was this to close a gap in service on the R?
  6. And maybe the first time the goes via Montague St Tunnel (via RR503)
  7. 8590 is on the St. Nicholas 1 subway shuttle
  8. after Mets games or some kind of big event at Citi Field
  9. Yes. It rarely occurs though. (The last one might’ve been 2-3 years ago)
  10. I remember the good old days of taking the RTS out of Manhattanville and 126th St depot (this was back in 2009)
  11. wait...so something like this? https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/ (same automated voice system as the Clever Devices on some buses)
  12. People actually argued that closing 145 would become a pain in the ass to handle walking to the next station (up to 7 blocks of walking!)
  13. It's more of a policy type thing than a car type thing. Theoretically R142s can stop at 145th, but there's a weird rule saying that for stations that doesn't cover the full length of the train, only the train lines that usually stops there can stop there, but other trains (like a R62A and a R142 can't stop there and like how a R142 and R62 can't stop at South Ferry loop).
  14. Here's one off reddit on a R142. This one doesn't really follows the MTA design guidelines, but it gets the point across.

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