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  1. Not too sure if 8017 is still around, but apparently there was a fire that happened to it because it dragged a mattress on the Verrazano Bridge. Can someone check if it’s in scrap?https://imgur.com/a/EdStBRB
  2. They actually could’ve theoretically done that with the R42-R40M pair lying around, but idk
  3. Hmmm. There’s now 5 M191s in circulation and one is aXD40
  4. A friend of mine can corroborate on this. A NIS R46 was on the C. It is sorta interesting that the MTA is reverting back on the 600 ft (8*75) train ban on the C.
  5. Is there any logical reason for the MTA to avoid running buses up/down Fairview Ave? I know that it has been done before if Broadway is blocked off between anywhere from 181 to 190, but the MTA Areally doesn’t want to do this at all. What gives for this?
  6. There was a clip of a R42 consist bypassing Church on the F/G going to Coney yard though
  7. So there’s a shuttle bus that runs sometimes and will run for the duration of the 181st St elevator shutdown that is usually covered by a MCH bus, but then is supplemented by one or two MV buses. So how does the runs work with the buses—does the drivers cycle out and in from the M4 runs (particularly for the runs on the MCH bus), and do buses that run on the M4/98 make a run after their M4/98 run on the elevator shuttle?
  8. It’s more of because of how Montague doesn’t have enough clearance for the R32s. Plus, if the R32s were to be sent to CI, they would be restricted to the G as the other lines served are either potentially rerouted via Montague or running with CBTC on.
  9. Someone actually saw a R46 W in service. Note that a rollsign is set to N—this is a run starting at 86 https://i.imgur.com/vGKh7SY.jpg https://i.imgur.com/zXAITP8.jpg https://i.imgur.com/htd9zfP.jpg https://i.imgur.com/CdYtHHX.jpg (thanks Elijah Conner!)
  10. They’d usually key in the doors to close after discharging the passengers and then leave the station. I don’t know abt the latter case though
  11. 3292 and 3291 already in yard from Saturday https://i.imgur.com/ApLWMqe.jpg (and yes, I do row)
  12. The former is something that happens to all R179s. They fade away as they are wiped. The rows is also on all sets.
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