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  1. Was this to close a gap in service on the R?
  2. And maybe the first time the goes via Montague St Tunnel (via RR503)
  3. 8590 is on the St. Nicholas 1 subway shuttle
  4. after Mets games or some kind of big event at Citi Field
  5. Yes. It rarely occurs though. (The last one might’ve been 2-3 years ago)
  6. I remember the good old days of taking the RTS out of Manhattanville and 126th St depot (this was back in 2009)
  7. wait...so something like this? https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/ (same automated voice system as the Clever Devices on some buses)
  8. People actually argued that closing 145 would become a pain in the ass to handle walking to the next station (up to 7 blocks of walking!)
  9. It's more of a policy type thing than a car type thing. Theoretically R142s can stop at 145th, but there's a weird rule saying that for stations that doesn't cover the full length of the train, only the train lines that usually stops there can stop there, but other trains (like a R62A and a R142 can't stop there and like how a R142 and R62 can't stop at South Ferry loop).
  10. Here's one off reddit on a R142. This one doesn't really follows the MTA design guidelines, but it gets the point across.
  11. Maybe there was a 5 car set of R110As and a 3 car set of R110Bs.
  12. the m101s have 9 LFSes and 1 NG (and some LFSAs)
  13. I saw that same train OOS at Chambers St.
  14. 1. I understand that, though I know there is a citizen’s arrest, where a person can legally arrest someone for wrongdoing. 2. Because they can. They don’t care a bit about them.

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