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  1. Also the WMATA 7K series. Had some faulty crimping that needed to be fixed.
  2. Any emergency moves due to this?
  3. The incident. Didn’t want to post it because I sorta couldn’t tell from the lighting if it was a different model
  4. Bus service is nerfed tonight. Probably because the protest
  5. Damn. Things getting heated. A bunch of protestors blocking a bus now. Idk if it’s a MTA bus or a NYPD bus.
  6. The M191 seems to be suspended with no suspension notice on the website. It’s on the bus stops though. I would probably predict that the Elevator Shuttle for the A train at 181st St is also suspended for the same reason
  7. Actually, it was this, not the train’s brakes being triggered at Parkchester
  8. There’s a derailment on the 6 line southbound around Parkchester. IIRC there’s no 6 trains after Hunts Pt Ave, and a rescue train is there now, as per this, via E’mari Davis:
  9. Multiple. Look at page 1/2 of thread
  10. I meant like there’s still one set unscathed, so just plop in a B car
  11. Yeah. But this would be for the GCT shuttle
  12. Theoretically they can cancel a six car set and use the five car set and one orphaned B car now
  13. https://imgur.com/a/RjnFUaE someone ended up obtaining these pics
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