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  1. Congrats WestEndMan!!! Yes, definitely bring a snack it can be a really long day. I just completed my first week. We are off to a great start. We will receive our syllabus next week, then I will have a better idea of my schedule and what to expect.
  2. Did anyone else get called for 7/28???
  3. I went down for final processing today, start school car on the 28th. Yes, there are 40 T/O's per class.
  4. Good luck to everyone starting school car on Monday!!! Keep us posted on your progress...
  5. Was there any movement for the week? LeonDoub, Hopeful TO and 3rd Rail, did you'll get a phone call?
  6. I know I will probably be called any day now for final processing so my question is.... How important is it to attach your college transcript to the 21 page booklet? I've been waiting to receive mine, can only assume it was lost in the mail. Should I have the school overnight me another one or will the HS Diploma I provided MTA suffice? FYI: The SS employment history printout is $102. You must have a check or a money order (No cash/credit cards). You can go right to the office and pick it up, but as previously stated it only provides the employers name, address, the year you worked for employer and the $ amount earned that year for each employer.
  7. Congratulations... Patiently awaiting my call, hopefully next week!
  8. @ WestEndMan don't be nervous, you'll be fine. I was there yesterday in at 7am out by 10am. I spent most of the time waiting for them to call my number to send me to the back, once they called me I was out in less than 10 mins.
  9. list # 261X, going in for my 2nd DT on the 10th.
  10. I just got my letter for my 2nd drug test!!! Finally.... Congrats AAnxious! LeonDoub you're up next, I should be right behind you!
  11. Congrats on being appointed. I'm hoping my time will come soon. Ideally I would like to be in the July class. Keeping my fingers cross. Everyone please continue to keep us posted on your progress! This forum definitely helps...
  12. @HopefulTO not yet, guessing I'll receive it this week. If not I'll follow up with Ms. Shivers.
  13. @HopefulTO did you get a letter to take another DT yet?
  14. I took my D/T on 2/27, guess I should be receiving a ltr soon. My # is 26XX.
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