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Status Updates posted by TheNewYorkElevated

  1. I've been watching some Kids Next Door lately... Man do I wanna go back to a simpler time. 

  2. Rick and Morty making a cameo appearance in the recent My LIttle Pony episode is the best cameo I have ever seen yet.  

  3. Dude, it's like been ages since I've last used this site. :/ 

  4. Another mad shooting in Texas today. Man I’m so done with this stuff happening... 😒

    1. MysteriousBtrain


      That's the world we live in. Sadly it's normal, especially for a New Yorker.

  5. Liking how this website has improved. :) 

    1. Harry


      Still a couple of bugs here and there but I'm working hard to iron them all out. Thanks!

    2. TheNewYorkElevated
  6. North Korea reconsidering their attack plans on Guam. I don't know whether or not I should be concerned about this or take it as another false threat by the north.

  7. So many celebrities dead in 2016... :(

    1. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      A lot of celebrities die every year....social media just made the awareness more critical.

  8. Merry Christmas everyone! :)

  9. Can't wait for Thanksgiving. :)

    1. Via Garibaldi 8
    2. TheNewYorkElevated


      It's a nice and enjoyable holiday.

    3. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      Until someone brings up politics. Then everything goes downhill from there, lol.

  10. 15 years since 9/11... Never forget. :(

  11. Sorry about the new title. I have made a mistake there. I will check it better next time.

  12. Watching "Japan Railway Journal" right now. It's focused on light rail vehicles. :)

  13. Transit on the Northeast is taking heavy hits. :(

    1. BM5 via Woodhaven
    2. TheNewYorkElevated


      No SEPTA Silverliner V, R179 delayed again, those things.

  14. Well, I'm free from school for 2 weeks.

  15. Wow, 500 posts for me. :)

    1. Q113 LTD

      Q113 LTD

      I currently have 573 posts.

    2. Fresh Pond

      Fresh Pond

      I'm somewhere near 9,400...but then again, I've been here close to a decade lol

    3. Fresh Pond

      Fresh Pond

      9,439 to be exact

  16. Man, last night was pretty beautiful. Nice and windy.

  17. Another subway vandal... *sigh*

  18. A happy 20th birthday to Pokemon!

  19. It's snowing. :3

    1. Union Tpke

      Union Tpke

      great observational skills!

    2. Union Tpke

      Union Tpke

      great observational skills!

    3. Joel Up Front

      Joel Up Front

      and now it's gone.

  20. I caught a Nova FLS (non-articulated) on the M100 today. :)

    1. TheNewYorkElevated


      Actually, I've seen it numerous of times on the route while at home. :/

  21. Happy New Year to all! I hope that this year will be a better one for the railfans of NYC and the transit community in general.

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