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About Me:

Hello there! Make yourself comfortable. All members welcome! :) (Last updated January 26th, 2020)











Favorite Transit Systems

MTA/NYCT, PATH, London Underground & Overground, Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway, JR Railways, Boston MBTA, Chicago CTA, Buenos Aires Underground, NJTransit, NFTA-Metro, SEPTA, Berlin U-Bahn, Toronto Transit Commission, Osaka Metro, Kyoto Municipal Subway, Hong Kong MTR, Metro de Madrid, Renfe Operadora, Santo Domingo Metro, Paris Metro

Favorite Lines

(1)(3)(6)(7)(C)(G)(H)(L)(M)(brownM)(S)(T)(V)(W)(Z)Asakusa, Bakerloo, Futukoshin, Ginza, MarunouchiMidosuji, Hoboken-33rd Street LineLine A (Buenos Aires), Market-Frankford, Piccadilly (including the famous abandoned Aldwych branch), Circle, Hammersmith & City, U1, U2, U5, U7, Line 8 (Metro de Madrid), Jubilee, Northern, Tozai, Victoria, Yamanote

Lines That Are Okay

(5)(B)(D)(J)(N)(Q) District, Chidoya, Central, Hibiya, Hanzonmon, Metropolitan, Waterloo & City

Least Favorite Lines


Favorite Stations

Grand Central Terminal

Akihabara (JR East) 


Harajuku- Yamanote

Shibuya- Ginza

Yotsuya- Marunouchi

King's Cross-Saint Pancras 


Edgeware Road Circle, Hammersmith & City, District

Kings Cross Saint Pancras Circle, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan, Piccadilly, Northern

Edgeware- Northern

Hampstead- Northern

Camden Town- Northern

Ruslip Gardens- Central

Holborn- Central, Piccadilly

Green Park- Piccadilly, Jubilee, Victoria

Piccadilly Circus- Bakerloo, Piccadilly

Covent Garden- Piccadilly

Canary Wharf- Jubilee, London Overground

West Ham- Jubilee, Hammersmith & City, District

Stratford- Central, DLR, Jubilee, TfL Rail, London Underground

Clinton-Washington Avenues (C) 

Hunters Point Avenue 

238th Street

168th Street

14th Street-Union Square 

34th Street-Javits Center 

40th Street-Lowery Street 

Hoyt-Schermerhorn Streets 

Borough Hall-Court Street 

59th Street-Lexington Avenue 

Canal Street 

Nevins Street 

Willets Point-Citi Field & Flushing-Main Street 

Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center 

34th Street-Herlad Square

Fulton Street Transit Center

Chambers Street-Brooklyn Bridge

Wall Street (4)(5)

Queensboro Plaza

Smith-9th Streets 

40th Street-Lowery Street

Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue 

Utica Avenue (A)(C)

Euclid Avenue

Broadway Junction 

Atlantic Avenue 

Times Square-42nd Street 

Least Favorite Stations

North Conduit Avenue (looks creepy, and the northern part of uptown platform is abandoned)

Rector Street (R) (station deprived of originality, and a false wall)

City Hall (R) (lots of unfinished/never completed projects on this stop, along with the lower level)

148th Street-Lenox Terminal (creepy appearance)

Bowery (generally poor-kept)

Ralph Avenue (shuttered off section of mezzanine to Howard Avenue make this stop look creepy)

182-183rd Streets (same as above, but with 183rd Street)

(C) line stops east of Broadway Junction until Euclid Avenue (nice post-World War II architecture, but creepy looking since it isn't used a lot by passengers)

Favorite Train Cars

All of the old SMEE fleet (R1s to R42s in general they're so special!)

BMT Experimentals

BMT Standard and D-Type Triplex

Train of Many Colors

Train of Many Metals










La Burgeosie cars

A60/62 Tube Stock

C96/C77 Tube Stock

D78 Tube Stock

1938 Tube Stock

1959 Tube Stock

1960 Tube Stock

1967 Tube Stock

1972 Tube Stock

2009 Tube Stock

Tokyo Metro 01 series

Tokyo Metro 03 series

Tokyo Metro 08 series

Tokyo Metro 1000 series

Tokyo Metro 10000 series

E231 series

E235 series

101 series

103 series

201 series

205 series

BVG Class F87

BVG Class H

Train Cars That Are Okay





A few good R160's

1992 Tube Stock

Tokyo Metro 02 series

S7 & S8 Stock

Least Favorite Train Cars

Some of the R160s (except for the one above Train Cars That Are Okay)

Bus Routes Rode On

*(before it was SBS and with it's current place as an SBS)


M3, M4, M5, M11, M42, M50, M79*, M86*, M96, M100, M101, M102, M103, M104



The Bronx

:bus_bullet_bx3::bus_bullet_bx7: (Washington Heights part), :bus_bullet_bx9:, :bus_bullet_bx10::bus_bullet_bx19:

Favorite Buses

TMC RTS & Nova Bus RTS

Orion V

Orion VII OG & NG

General Motors Old Look and New Look

General Motors TDH-5106

Alexander Dennis Enviro 300

Alexander Dennis Enviro 400

Alexander Dennis Enviro 500

New Flyer D60HF (Galaxy included)

New Flyer C40LF (the old version as well)

New Flyer XD40 & 60

Nova Bus LFS (both versions)

Daimler Fleetline


MCI D4500 (especially 2185)


Mack C-49-DT

AEC Routemaster (general version)

New Routematser/Borismaster

Hong Kong hot dog buses

Scania K310UD

History and General

I originally joined on February 9th, 2014 on the alias "NYCSubwayboy76", but that account got banned. So, I decided to do a retry on the forums.

I live in Hamilton Heights, not far from the (1) line's 137th Street station and the (B) and (C)'s 135th Street station. I use any of those lines daily to get school, other times for random things. I am a college freshman and a transit enthusiast into photography as well as an interest into anime, politics, video games, and pop culture. I'm also a part brony with my favorite characters being Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Discord. I collect comic books along with a love for history and current events and have recently become a furry as well; I have been a fan of a anthro art since early middle school and have been a fan of animated series with anthro characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Aggretsuko, SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, and Usagi Yojimbo. 

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