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  1. I heard the current class is the last class for the year.
  2. Amen to the quote in bold. The list expires after four years. The list was established Dec. 17 2014 and expires Dec. 17 2018 This is the information given when you call the DCAS automated line.
  3. My last comment was in regards to hoping the system gets better, not getting hired. Hopefully they'll continue with the hiring frenzy and you'll be in here in no time. All the best and good luck.
  4. I waited 7 months and took several drug test while I waited for the list to go from 990-1000. You guys are 700 numbers away from the last hire. What exactly are you expecting to happen? Bottom line is you have to wait.
  5. You can only choose between East NY or E. 180 yard for training. Depending on class seniority, you might not even have a choice.
  6. a. Whistle is used for flagging as someone mentioned earlier. b. Hardest part of probation is not getting caught up in the bullshit and following the rules. Not sure what snow duty would have to do with it. The pay period is Sun-Sat. They'll get a check on the 21st for 5 days.
  7. Lofty goals. They would have to average 125 track worker per month. Better for me if true. It would mean more jobs on the board when the general pick comes along. You might do some random task here and there, but all training pretty much consist of digging out ballast and ties. That's not how dual rate works. You have to pick/bid into a dual rate position to get training in that title.
  8. Congrats! Yes we were there for our last day of flagging. We saw ya'll walking around all stiff and shit with your new Lehigh boots.
  9. I heard about the August class yesterday and forgot to post about it here. It's close. depending on the class size, you might make it in. Best of luck.
  10. Thanks and best of luck to you guys getting in as well! Congrats! Going back from the start they've been averaging 75-100 list numbers per class, depending on class size. Had the first day of orientation yesterday. Whole day of forms, rules, and regulations. I would say about 15-20 were there for track. One thing I would like to share is if you have a criminal record, do not lie about it. I don't know the qualification criteria is for having a criminal record, but it is not an automatic disqualifier unless you lie. I have an old felony(old enough to drink) and I'm in.
  11. Thanks riello2u! I would try my best to do it naturally as well. I cleaned up my diet as well. Vegetarian nine months ago(personal reasons), kept my sugar intake below 40 grams a day, and exercised 3 times a week.
  12. My list number is in the 99* and I made it in the upcoming class. I'll keep you guys posted on the amount of people in the class. Saw a few guys get put on medical hold. If you are unsure if you'll pass a certain test and you can afford to do so, get tested ahead of time to see where you stand.
  13. Anyone from 945-1000 get a notification for medical yet?
  14. I'm in that number range, but haven't received anything yet. I'll keep ya'll posted. I heard there was a class coming up in the next few weeks.
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