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  1. 1 of the dispatchers told me that a lot of probationaries are quitting once they found out that they are going to work around 14 hour days and that they are still short of C/R's and T/O's. I was told this yesterday.
  2. Well I start at Bedford Park Monday morning. Quick question. I report to sign in at the crew room on the northbound side but after I sign in I go to the dispatcher on the southbound platform since I'm doing the B line right?
  3. Passed my yard practical yesterday. Midterm today then posting next week. Damn what a month it has been.
  4. For the most part yes but you will be walking across tracks a lot and sweat doing so. Be aware entering some trains will be very warn entering them or you may be on trains with malfunctions but that can still be used for demonstrating purposes.
  5. I'm curious for your yard practical how many errors did you have to fix for the terminal procedure portion? Like did they pull the EBV cord or turn off any circuits for you that you had to fix? I know it won't all be done exactly the same but I'm curious as to how yours went.
  6. Banks is my main TSS so are you in my class and referring to him? He just takes awhile to open up but he is very knowledgable. It just comes off like he is shy when it comes to presenting things. But I like his method in that he would rather us do things hands on and be physically on the train instead of just reading books.
  7. I'll be honest Mr Banks seems very knowledgeable but my classmates are complaining because of the way he projects his thoughts and feel they won't get through school car with him as a TSS. I did like Palmer but he is only gonna be there for 1 day. We don't even know who our 2nd instructor is gonna be because they are short on them and my class is the only 1 without stable TSS's so I hope this issue gets fixed soon. P.S The Rail Control Center is awesome. Great experience there today.
  8. I was the only conductor sitting with operators for the last 2 days on the 1st table.
  9. Mard were you at the 1st table on the left as you enter the gym today? I was the only oddball conductor on the table with the operators and tower operators.
  10. No. Mail for 1st drug test. Phone for everythjng after that.
  11. They are past the 2400's. There is someone in my current class in the low 2500's if that helps.
  12. Yea if you are a T/O because they needed 20 in each division. C/R was 10 for A and the rest B division. Didn't matter to me since I wanted B since I don't live far from 248 school or Coney Island.
  13. My list number is in the 2370's. So I would think if you around there or in the 2400's that you should make the May class barring any setbacks. Good luck though.
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