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  1. Great shots. Love that second one of the at 207.
  2. Okay, we've seen a lot of TOMC pictures recently, but these are REALLY REALLY good. Awesome stuff!
  3. Some more of Richmond's Gillig BRT CNGs and Advantages for you at the Downtown Transfer Plaza in Richmond, Virginia, and also a Chevy mini-bus while I'm at it. The Phantoms are still around but are slowly disappearing as GRTC retires them and replaces them with Advantages (and some MCI models for the longer routes, such as the #37 Azalea/Chamberlayne and the express routes).
  4. I suppose it's a "you can't have your cake and eat it too" situation. I would gladly take more service any day. (Plus, I like the idea of having the run its full route at all times, because closed station irk me somewhat.)
  5. On the R46, R62/A, and R68/A cars, isn't the door chime triggered by the action of the closing doors? I swear I've seen a video where someone pulls on an open door a few times, triggering the chime each time.
  6. Eh, it does involve a service change, but it's a planned one. I don't know.
  7. Reportedly someone was struck by a train at Jay St.
  8. I guess that part of the line's going to have to get some Fastrack repairs...
  9. Really digging the R32 in the first picture. Nicely done.
  10. Ooh. Yeah, that's going to be interesting, then...it's not going to be a very good time to have to ride on the ...
  11. Couldn't they put some R160s on the Canarsie Line in that case?
  12. You mean to tell me the didn't spring for Saturday delivery? For shame!
  13. Probably not considering the cause of the derailment is still not known.
  14. Awesome shots. Just followed you on Flickr.
  15. Great videos, though I wish the service changes had a different cause. Been following your videos for a while, love them.
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