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  1. I agree. I don’t know they put that timer on High Street curve. I understand it’s a safety hazard. But when the flew into high st. My favorite lol. But they’re getting R179s plus they’re suppose to be doing evaluating the speed marker thru out the system. Let’s see what they do to 8th Ave/Fulton St Line
  2. The has tooooo many timers especially the downtown express especially in manhattan. Plus I also think with the equipment as well. I was watching an R46 leave Euclid going uptown the train took forever to leave the station (taking about acceleration) An R32 would’ve flew out the station lol . Plus when I got on R46 an R179 left like 5m before. Because of the construction the went express and I caught up with the at utica we had to wait because the came first. I was like should’ve gotten on that lol
  3. They’re suppose to get 28 more for local fleet
  4. I don’t think ENY get the 2018 XD40. They’ll probably wait for the XE or XDE40s to come into play. FP is sending them majority of the OGs. Smart enough for ENY to wait for the XE or XDE40s
  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Please not like the R160s
  6. So ENY is getting all of FPs OGs ? Aren’t they suppose to get the new XD40s ?!?!
  7. Jackie Gleason has 1031 which is suppose to be at West Farms
  8. Is it going to Far Rock or Lefferts ?
  9. Well on the other hand there’s lot of R179s running on the today
  10. I remember reading that GA was gonna give the XDE to Quill and the XE to GA for testing purposes
  11. Bro there is not shut down anymore ... look a few pages back
  12. That’s a good plan extremely good but one can only wish my friend
  13. The B82 is nowhere near Flatbush depot. The B82 can go to Ulmer Park but it’s not arctic ready
  14. Since the R142/R142A are being upgraded to CBTC wouldn’t it make since just to keep the - R142 - R142A - R262 its save a lot of time and work from transferring train fleet between yards and all IRT lines would have fleet with CBTC
  15. No gonna lie the R42s to the I kinda believe it because every fleet from the R38s onward was retired on the
  16. Does anybody know when the prototypes will be hitting our track ?
  17. There’s still an R32 set at ENY in the AM/PM storage part of the yard
  18. 3190-3193 3194-3197 is undergoing burn-in-testing on the just pass spring st headed toward Eucid
  19. We don’t know MTA probably changed plans and not telling the public what’s going on. Just gotta see until April

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