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  1. So if the MTA give ENY those 4-Car R211 the R160 from would go the the ?
  2. Does the have the own fleet because I know the R143 is for the and majority of the R160 is for the so does the takes whatever left from the and uses the R179 ??
  3. What’s going to happen to LGA 2017 XD60s. Are they keeping them ?
  4. Well now the service is up & running
  5. Hmmm so Coney Island will be keeping some of the R160s then because to be honest I’m always in Lower Manhattan by the Manhattan Bridge & I still see more R160 than R46s crossing the bridge
  6. Also add 3972 to ENY it’is was not in service going down Pennsylvania Ave
  7. I remember reading on the thread , somewhere on this threat the every time the R179 messes Bombar has to compensate and extra 2 cars or more.
  8. The best chance to see all the R179 for the is rush hours. You basically see then back to back now & does anybody know wassup with 3262-3267 that set just been sitting in Pitkin yard for like the longest
  9. 3308-3317 in service on its way to 125th St
  10. This may be a dum question but does what specific time does AM/PM rush technically start & ends I’m new hear lol
  11. With this order , is it going to push there current XD60s to NYCT which LGA & JFK/Far Rick has ?
  12. To be honest off peak the riders drop a lot. It’s only packed during AM/PM peak
  13. Think that set been running for a while now
  14. My bet its going to MTA but their hybrids are up for retirement also so maybe it is scrap but the have a lot of OGs
  15. How many 10 car train are in service on the ?
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