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  1. To be honest off peak the riders drop a lot. It’s only packed during AM/PM peak
  2. Think that set been running for a while now
  3. My bet its going to MTA but their hybrids are up for retirement also so maybe it is scrap but the have a lot of OGs
  4. How many 10 car train are in service on the ?
  5. Guessing because the R42/R40 was married pair and they would have to 3/5 like the conductors on the does with the R42/R32 , they had have to for the conductor board at the station. Plus the stations are longer than the with would be the stop that the 10 marker instead of the 8 so the conductor could see the conductor board at each station
  6. Wonder why they don’t put Fulton St Exp on the FIND
  7. Are the R179 running over night ?
  8. Just saw two FB SBS XD40 On Linden Blvd ... looks like they’re headed to the vendor probably idk lol does anybody have a clue wassup with FB XD40s
  9. I remember there was an 8-Car R160 The when it was going to 2nd Ave
  10. ENY is probably short from the XD that’s got sent to UP
  11. Then what are they gonna do with all the R179s lol on the can’t push everything on the lol
  12. Wondering what they’re gonna do with with surplus on R46 and R32 on the lines
  13. Does anybody know why does the goes to 96st-2nd Ave on weekends. Kinda don’t get that move lol
  14. With all the LFSAs going to WF does that also mean the XD40 will be pushed out soon ?!?
  15. Alright then the 8-Car order is complete
  16. I agree. I don’t know they put that timer on High Street curve. I understand it’s a safety hazard. But when the flew into high st. My favorite lol. But they’re getting R179s plus they’re suppose to be doing evaluating the speed marker thru out the system. Let’s see what they do to 8th Ave/Fulton St Line

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