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  1. 41 minutes ago, Calvin said:

    Not yet, there's at least 1 R46 that's still on the line out of the 3 8 75 ft car trains remaining.

    Hmmm so Coney Island will be keeping some of the R160s then because to be honest I’m always in Lower Manhattan by the Manhattan Bridge & I still see more R160 than R46s crossing the bridge 

  2. 17 hours ago, VIP said:

    Y’all got it all wrong. Don’t know where y’all getting car class assignments from, but its inaccurate. There’s a special plan for the siemens R160’s and where they’ll end up. But, I’m just gonna sit back and let y’all carry on. 😉

    My money is on Concourse or Pitkin

  3. 30 minutes ago, Novabus 5000 said:




    To sum up any questions regarding these buses. As of right now, this is the current allotment:

    -25 to LGA 

    -15 to JFK

    -13 to BP

    The current SBS units at MTAB will go back to NYCTA, with a handful remaining for use on the Q70 when the line gets converted to artic in the near future. Buses will receive SBS colors in due time. 



    With this order , is it going to push there current XD60s to NYCT which LGA & JFK/Far Rick has ? 

  4. 5 hours ago, RR503 said:

    Try riding the n/b (C) out of Brooklyn during the AM rush. Legitimately one of the more miserable experiences there is — the gentrification of Fort Greene and (G) transfers slam those trains. 

    To be honest off peak the (C) riders drop a lot. It’s only packed during AM/PM peak

  5. 6 hours ago, T to Dyre Avenue said:


    If it hadn’t been for the R40s and R42s not having door controls in the T/O cabs, putting them in 8-car trains on the (C) wouldn’t have been a problem, because then they would have been able to run 4/4 like the 32s do and the 38s did. But no, they had to let the bean counters run the show and so they took a step back in flexibility by not specifying door controls in the T/O cabs for the 40s and 42s. Probably also why they didn’t go with all-stainless bodies for the R38 through R44 cars.

    Felt the same way bro 

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  6. 45 minutes ago, Lawrence St said:

    What conductor issue?

    Guessing because the R42/R40 was married pair  and they would have to 3/5 like the conductors on the (J)(Z) does with the R42/R32 , they had have to (C) for the conductor board at the station. Plus the (C) stations are longer than the (J) with would be the (C) stop that the 10 marker instead of the 8 so the conductor could see the conductor board at each station 

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