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  1. We don’t know MTA probably changed plans and not telling the public what’s going on. Just gotta see until April
  2. And another R160s goes to ENY and an R32 to 207
  3. Think another R160 is headed to ENY. Saw an empty not in service train on the express track coming from 168th St heading downtown around 9 o’clock
  4. Those R179s on the has some speed to them ! Caught the 8:56 train from 168th. Train was late because it was held and it ran express from Hoyt - Euclid. They are really fast cars !!
  5. The newest one. The 3161 set had the route display. They were all next to each other i couldn’t see the other set numbers
  6. There’s 4 train of R179s and one signed up as the At Pitkin Yard idk if one of the 4 train is a split 5 car set thou. I have a pic but too hard too upload
  7. Does anybody have a feeling that the MTA decide to split the 179s 8-car order between the and ?!? I’m mention it to not start a rumor but to trying to understand that’s the got fresh out the factory cars
  8. So basically they’re getting train operators to get use to the train before the 10 cars start rolling in
  9. The and will still have R160s. Plus in the time to come whenever we see a 4-car set order they will be automatically in line for new cars because the would be permanently full length
  10. So ENY maybe getting NGs ???? As well at Ulmer Park ???
  11. The last assignment was like 60 something but things are likely to change
  12. No no no lol you missed understood lol. What I’m saying is whenever thers a new bus order the always get the least. For example look at what they good the previous 2015 XDs. I know they have a lot of NG/OGs but still show FP some love. Or FP is a type of depot that just loves Hybrids then I’ll take everything back lol
  13. Wow. They stay giving FP the bear minimum on new buses
  14. What about the R179s that’ll be on the (C)(J) lines will those be permanent too ?
  15. Plus you have to think about maintenance. Coney Island takes good care of the R160 so why not give the new cars
  16. I feel like the new XDs is gonna cover there lost
  17. Saw a driver driving 1085 out of JG. He looked very uncomfortable driving that bus lol. Must take some getting use too lol
  18. That’s what I meant lol sorry. So why are they testing on Concourse ?
  19. Didn’t the have R160s. I remember Dj Hammers had a video of them like a few months ago
  20. Shouldn’t the R143 be pushed back to the or the still needs them ?
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