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  1. How??? Oh. I think I see. You guys are roughly 20 days, right?
  2. Only if you've been there more than 30 days. My class will not be paid for Monday but @brownhornet78's class will be.
  3. First day is in the books! We're all official now! Ran into my man @mard today. Missed you @brownhornet. Catch you later. I'm out I've got a killer headache.
  4. Last day of work at my soon-to-be OLD job/life!!!
  5. This is true. I didn't have everything up to speed and it knocked me back from the 4/28 to the 5/19 class. I didn't discover this forum until AFTER my first setback. Good to have this. Gets you prepared.
  6. Ok forum police, be easy. Everyone is here to support everyone. The "what he said" comment isn't hurting anyone. Might not help, but it doesn't hurt. Besides, it wasn't @mard saying it all those times. Just saying. Misguided anger... Relax.
  7. Sounds great! Looking forward to it!
  8. So exactly how long is class? We are 3 weeks behind you and I don't expect them to overlap.
  9. Yeah, I'll be taking the boots route as well.
  10. Extra large? Like those survival bags large?
  11. I'm over here counting the days like an inmate waiting to get released! These last couple of weeks feel like forever...
  12. Great news!! I'll see you in there bro!
  13. Make it happen!! I'm looking forward to seeing you there!
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