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  1. . I called but did'n get any clear explanations. Because of this it am curious if somebody experiences the same situation?
  2. Does anybody know what happened with the salary? When I started ( June 2) my hour rate was 30.2$, then 31.4$. However, I figured out that my last pay check was calculated 29.4$ per hour. I passed all of my exams and have become permanent since last week.
  3. . Thank you very much for your detailed answer!!!
  4. Does anyone know how long training classes take and what time they usually start? Thanks
  5. . Congrats!!!!! When are you going for the final?
  6. Thank you for letting me know ! They gave me a phone number ( human recourses , car inspector's department), I called at least 50 times but nobody answered. Maybe better to come on Livingstone and ask them directly?
  7. I thought that the drag test is valid during 90 days. I was cleared last Monday from the medical hold and was told that I am in the system and on the top of the list and should wait for the call. I am surprised that they didn't call me
  8. Hi! How are you doing? Still no call?
  9. They called me. The drag test was on Wednesday and on Friday I got a call to came on Monday
  10. How long were you on medical hold? When were you suppose to be in a class? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Almost for 3 weeks. I missed one class that started April 21. On Monday, I was told that no available seats and I should wait for the next class. I don't have any idea what I suppose to do in this situation - wait when they call me or should I come to them again?
  11. I was called in 3 days. Unfortunately, I was on medical hold until this Monday. I was told that all classes are occupied so hope to get in 2 June
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