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  1. Hey I've been realizing the MTA hasn't been getting new nova's after 8090, what's going on with Novabus, all i see is XD40s arriving so swiftly. Does anybody know?
  2. Been seeing alot of OG hybrids on MHV routes specifically on the M1 from QV.... I seen 6448 and 6436 i think, its a loan but y does MHV choose QV to handle the routes? And i wonder if they will ever put nova lfs as loans on the routes like they did with the M3 this summer
  3. Ok just a curious question, How bad is NICE bus service... I've only ridden Suffolk County bus in LI for a few years, but how horrible is it. even on a scale of 1-10?
  4. Just curious on knowing everyone's top fleet in the MTA and beyond! let me know I'll start I like the Orion's OG's & NG's, Gillig low floor advantage, the 99' novas are cool, and the Nova artics and LFS 40's started to grow on me as well as the XD60's but i don't like XD40s as much. And the 2010's new flyer CNG's is always in my top fav... What's yours
  5. The New Flyer 312 THO!!! that transmission it has has a great ass whine. I wish MTA could order more C40LF's to replace the early 2000s orion cng's but they aren't
  6. @NYSubwayBuff I was riding NB from 14th and 9th ave... It was so empty I decided to just ride to 42nd. I didn't wanna take the whole trip
  7. Cool Caitsith but do you know wat batch of the newbies they might get or no? And Im kinda surprise the 102 is coming to MCH itz always been 100th street or Quill so thatz dope.
  8. All this talk of the returning. :-) I think it would b a good idea to treat that line like minus the fact there is no skip stop pattern cuz that would b unnecessary
  9. Yea Ive been seeing alot of orions on the 14A & D especially today. I wonder y that is. Usually i c them in the winter
  10. Yooo does any1 think the M12 is a productive route? It was empty AF when I rode it, only 1 passenger besides me. some1 mentioned it being extended chambers b4 i think it could of got a little more passengers riding if thats the case. Idk it doesn't seem like its not getting that much ridership
  11. I heard they getting the new batch of buses but which 1z, Is it the new flyer XD40s more than likely or the nova's? Also wat is going to happen with the M98, im guessing its staying at manhattanville
  12. Is there any possible way MTA will take a deal with NABI since they are a part of New Flyer now or no?
  13. That's for the diesels as well? Like that's the retarder disengaging too? on 1014 new flyer?
  14. Can anyone answer this question? Does any1 know wat that sound is when a bus is about to stop and it makes "CHIT" noise. the all New flyer models on the MTA have it the 1993 orion's had it b4 they retired and orion cng's do it. Does any1 know wat I'm talking about? If not this may help @ mark 0:16. And how come all the CNG buses does that grumble sound when the gear shifts? I heard its called a "retarder" or something. Please comment.
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