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  1. one thing for sure, he knows how to get publicity. every PR is good PR
  2. the has one sole stop weekdays, and three weekends and late nights. the has no stops on its own railroad north of myrtle av/broadway. i think that's not a good reason for why service quality is good or bad.
  3. I don't know if that has been brought up, but how about closing Hewes and Jamaica Streets stations in order to open one at Uinon Avenue, I am confident that would make the more attractive, and it would relieve the and since I heard that they want to shut down the Canarsie Tunnel, it needs some relief, first, and second, it would be an easy (and permanent) inside-the-system transfer. Edit: Looks like it's been brought up by the previous poster lol Edit 2: why am I acting like they could plan and build an entire station complex in what, a year max?
  4. Don't they use a track of the 42 Street Shuttle in the weekend when filming for a movie or series?
  5. Why did the New York City Transit never have any fare zones like in countless cities in Europe, although it's an unbelievably large network? Wouldn't that boost revenue?
  6. About the nuke: suspended forever. will never be built.
  7. Alright, a suspicious backpack was found in the morning rush hour in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Because of that, the area south of Fulton Street is restricted. This causes service changes for the and lines, as well as the Staten Island Ferry. It's up to you how these service changes look like.
  8. runs in two sections: Lexington Av-53 St to World Trade Center (local); Court Square to Jamaica Center (express) no service between 57 St-6 Av and Jamaica-179 St extended to Jamaica-179 St - runs fully local. weekdays: Trains run between Metropolitan Av and either 57 St-6 Av or Lexington Av-53 St weekends, evenings, late nights: normal service runs in two sections: Coney Island - Lexington Av-60 St and Queensboro Plaza - Astoria-Ditmars Blvd runs in two sections: Bay Ridge - Lexington Av-60 St and Queens Plaza - Forest Hills trains run local between Woodside and Flushing Main St to serve 74 St-Broadway
  9. via the between West 4 St and Jay St-Metrotech. Runs local in Brooklyn (runs express in Brooklyn at weekends) suspended weekdays: runs between 168 St and Chambers St only. weekends: runs via the normal service normal service normal service runs via the Montague Street Tunnel at all times weekdays: runs via the north side of the Manhattan Bridge and via the 6th Avenue Express to 59 St-Columbus Circle weekends and late nights: runs via the Montague Street Tunnel to 57 St/7 Av normal service
  10. I would reroute trains the following runs in two sections: Wakefield-241 St - Chambers Street and Atlantic Av - Flatbush Av runs between 148 St and Times Square only runs in two sections: Woodlawn - City Hall and Wall St (using the switches north of Bowling Green) - New Lots Av, local from Franklin Av to New Lots Av. runs between Dyre Av and E 180 St only. runs regular service, although delays should be expected due to the trains calling City Hall at the local tracks and using the loop. runs via the Rutgers St Tunnel, runs local in Brooklyn Some trains run between 168 St and 2 Av only, some between 168 St and Euclid Av via the Rutgers St Tunnel terminate at Chambers Street.
  11. A fire alarm in the Fulton Street complex led to the station being evatuated and closed, so service changes have to be made.
  12. operates in two sections: Inwood - Utica Avenue (via 8 Av Exp, Fulton Lcl) and Euclid Av - Lefferts/Far Rockaway operates between 168 St and 2 Av via 8 Av Local operates in two sections: Broad St and Myrtle Av-Broadway and Cypress Hills (or Crescent St) to Jamaica Center operates in two sections: 14 St-8 Av to Myrtle-Wyckoff Avs and free shuttle service between Livonia Av and Rockaway Parkway. (People will be encouraged to ride the to Junius St and use the overpass between Junius St and Livonia Av. To avoid extra fares, the shuttle will be free. MetroCards will be accepted for LIRR rides between Penn Station/Atlantic Terminal and Jamaica/Far Rockaway Select buses that connect the western and the eastern sections of lines (such as B60 or B13) will offer additional service. Shuttle buses are also active, but will not service Broadway Junction directly.
  13. normal service runs in two sections: Woodlawn-42 Street and City Hall-Utica Avenue (New Lots nights) Weekdays: Some trains run via the from E 180 St to Brooklyn College, (local service in Brooklyn), some trains run to Lex Av-125 St Weekends: Train runs local on the Lexington Ave line. Evenings and nights: Shuttle service between E 180 St and Dyre Av. Weekdays: Trains terminate at 42 Street via Lexington Av Local. All other times: Trains terminate at 42 Street 42 St operates overnight no service additional service between 168 St or 145 St and World Trade Center will operate between Norwood and W 4 Street and between 57 St and Coney Island via West End (maybe labeled due to B'way service) Some trains via Cranberry, some trains will be replaced by the in Brooklyn and Queens service will be extended to both Jamaica-179 St via Queens Blvd Exp and to Coney Island via Culver to replace lost trains. trains run to Broad Street at weekdays and to Chambers Street at weekends and evenings. service will operate between Prospect Park and Brighton Beach to replace the [stops at the westernmost track in Prospect Park] additional trains between Forest Hills and Whitehall Street to replace the in Queens and the in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. M15, M15 SBS, M101, M102, M103: Additional buses will operate for riders from East Side Manhattan The has not taken into account the current closure of the Montague Street tunnels. It's very difficult to handle the Lexington line terminating at 42nd Street because every train has to terminate on the uptown platform as you can only switch to the uptown tracks when heading downtown. Hope there aren't any mistakes like last time when I labeled the as the
  14. Clark Street is the only station outside of Manhattan
  15. terminates at Court Square - Change to at Court Square normal service between Coney Island and Forest Hills. Runs express to 179th-Jamaica (via the rush peak ) extended to Jamaica Center (basically replaces the in Queens) - runs fully express on Queens Blvd. terminates at Court Square - Change to at Court Square runs fully local between Queens Plaza and 179th-Jamaica
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