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  1. So, for example, if my days off are Monday/Tuesday, I can only request Sunday and Wednesday off and NOT Wednesday/Thursday or Saturday/Sunday? Essentially, I can only have 4 days off at most with regards to my days off. That said, I can request 3 days off in a row that's not pertaining to my days off (ie in the same example, I would be able to request Thurs, Fri, Sat off?) Another question. I've found that the day after my requested day off, IVR doesn't have a job listed for me. I'd have to call the crew office to get my job. This has happened to me 3 times. Is that normal? Or is it related to requesting the 2nd day off in a row after my rdo's (thus attempting to get 4 days off in a row)?
  2. There's a train operator who said that the crew office does not grant more than 3 days off in a row. Is that true? That would certainly suck if true...
  3. There will be instances where a train will be well ahead of schedule and the dispatcher will hold the train in the station...
  4. Seems kind of pointless... Hitting signals or splitting switches means you're ignoring the yellow and the red signals. Having the extra signals test isn't going to improve on that. You'd make it a point of emphasis during schoolcar and road operations. But this is the TA so I guess it shouldn't surprise me...
  5. Thank you, SubwayGuy! That was very helpful! Here's another oddball question. I was given a job that has a built in late clear. Can I bank the OT that's built into the job?
  6. Do we get extra sick days in the new year? My balance is bit higher than I thought... Also, when we work RDO's, can we bank any of it as OTO?
  7. A couple of questions. The earliest you can request a day off is 20 days in advance? So if I wanted to request a particular Saturday off, the earliest I would call is on a Saturday night at midnight? With regards to certain jobs that finish at less than 8 hours at a different location than you reported at, those particular jobs generally have the deadhead built in? How does one know how much they're getting paid?
  8. Oops, I made a mistake. I meant I reported at 207 yard (I was going to Concourse the following day so that was in my brain while I was typing that...)
  9. Ah, okay. That makes sense. The dispatcher at 168 screwed me out of the deadhead time then...
  10. I had a weird one today. I had to report at 0500 at Concourse Yard to post on the Charlie. I got paired with a guy who started at 440 and finished at 1308 at 168 St. How does that go on the sheets? CCY had me signed on at 0500 on the sign in. At the end of the day around 1250ish, I went to sign out at 168 St. Was I suppose to get deadhead? The dispatcher said that I didn't get deadhead time because it was built into the job. I didn't understand that. He said I was just entitled to the 8 minute late clear since the original job ended at 1308. Can you clarify this for me?
  11. Quick question for you guys. I noticed while looking at my paystub that there are entries for taxable health benefits. Is that normal?
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