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  1. not at all, pretty easy if you pay attention and study, school car is fun actually. my issue is starting from the bottom and having to pay your "dues" and work horrible shifts for a few years where as in my previous title since i had seniority my shifts where pretty good and the days off that i wanted.
  2. im in school car now and was wondering does anyone know how i can go back to my previous title with mta and how long does it take?
  3. Received my medical for june 19. List number 98#
  4. for those that went to medical till what time were you at 180 livingston?
  5. in regards to the training, is there always a overnight class or its only if needed? can we pick the training tour?
  6. all these guys coming in for pre employment, anyone know when's the next class scheduled for or have an idea?
  7. list numb 98# and just got an email for P/E for may 20th. how come i seen list numbers in the 1000s and they've done there P/E back in november? am i late to the party?
  8. I got an email to come in on the 20th, im a bus operator now and was wondering if anyone has an idea on the transition?
  9. anyone know if there's going to be another general pick in April. I'm hearing rumors of another general in april 2019?
  10. knock on wood i've gotten pulled over by nypd n state and i have gotten a pass since i work for the MTA.
  11. Line training is good so far, so how was your first day on your own?! I’m dreading my first day alone! Its gonna be nerve wracking!
  12. Since my depot only has rtics im driving the 57st crosstown bus since thats the only line we have with the regular bus. So far so good, just alot of round trips!
  13. yea im not worried at all, i might even stay!
  14. Well i wanted fresh pond but when it was my time to pick it wasnt available, so i got tuskegee!
  15. I qualified brotha!!! I can finally relax!!! Thank you and everyone on here for the advice and motivation!! I’ll keep ya posted on the depo I decide to go to
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