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  1. I know it's an old post, but you said you took the exam. So can you share what kind of questions were on the exam? I ask because some say there are questions about interlocking machine types, levers, colors, etc., but I'd rather hear it from the horse's mouth. Everyone was saying the promo Train Operator was going to have questions about bulletins, signals, braking, car equipment, etc., but it turned out to be straight up reading comprehension. Not one question required the test taker to know a single bulletin or piece of equipment.
  2. Especially when no study materials are provided and one has to resort to backdoor measures. The civil service examination process is supposed to be fair and reasonable. This just sounds to me like they want to take our money for this overpriced exam and not actually hire a soul.
  3. I find it incredibly unconstitutional that they expect you to know a Tower Operator's job when you take an exam to one day become a Tower Operator.
  4. I don't think I even want to go the TO route anymore. I'm starting to possibly consider Tower Operator. Maybe. Filing opens April 8th.
  5. I wanted to so badly, but didn't clear last night until almost 3AM so that was shot to shit.
  6. I got 51 wrong too. Im going to the protest session for sure.
  7. I got my admission letter 2 weeks ago. I take the exam January 10th at 10am :-)
  8. One last thing I'll add is: Stay away from the popular kids in school car.... the ones who wanna be the jokesy class clowns and be friends with everyone. That whole "make friends with your classmates" is not the way to go. They're a distraction. The ones you need to make friends with are your TSS's and that is IT. Be cordial with your classmates, but be best friends with your equipment and procedures. The jokesy clowns were the ones who had to retake yard practicals and exams. On a final note, MOVE UP! Im only a month out and I'm already scheduled to take the promotional T/O exam in January. After being T/O for 2 years with 1 year of revenue I myself can be TSS... all before the age of 33. MOVE UP and get that PAPER!
  9. Ahhh it feels so good to be out on the road doing my thing. I been out on the road almost a month now and am loving it. One thing I will say is that it will all fly by really fast from the moment you begin orientation. You start out feeling like schoolcar will never end, then before you know you're posting, and before realizing it you're a pro on the road asking yourself "how the hell do I know all this stuff? how did I come to own this shit like a boss?" LOL..........
  10. Ditto and thanks :-) I'm in A Thank you hunny bunny
  11. I passed my yard practical in one shot with flying colors, passed my midcourse exam with a perfect score, got my posting papers, and begin posting tomorrow. See you guys on the road
  12. How do I get one of those NYCT/MTA badges on my profile?
  13. Heads up to EVERYONE: Before you even step FOOT (pun intended) into school car, start working on getting a medical exemption from your doctor for your boots. the TA boots are UNBEARABLE. Get it done EARLY so that you don't find yourself in my situation, having to be in excruciating pain all day, week after week, waiting for the approval process. I really thought that the guys were exaggerating about the shoes, but they're not! The shoes are PAINFUL! It's like wearing knight armor!
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