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  1. If it walks like a duck & talks like a duck... it's a probably a confederate naval jack.
  2. I always appreciate when the rare R32 shows up for a run on the .
  3. Wasn't there quite a bit of reconstruction work on the Brighton Line on weekends in 2016?
  4. If your final destination somewhere on or close to a train station why aren't you staying on Metro-North straight through to GCT? I get that you're saving a $1.25 (because either way you'll be swiping into the subway) but is that really worth the hassle & additional time that it takes to walk a block & a half at Marble Hill then transfer at 168th in the first place?
  5. Then what's this report from 2011 about? & I'm not the guy calling for the discontinuation of student metrocards (in a thread about MBDB waiting for a tardy train), you are. You're calling for this based upon your personal testimony of widespread fraud. If it's so widespread that the baby should be thrown out with the bathwater, the onus is on you to prove it.
  6. So in order to reduce a tiny amount of fraud (your circumstantial evidence of "I see it all the time" isn't the same as an actual figure from the MTA), you want the DOE to fund a point-to-point student transit service on the order of the MTA's Access-A-Ride... this is fiscally sensible how?
  7. Someday, some far off day receding further into the future with every passing capital plan, the MTA will introduce some sort of contactless fare media. It'll be a special day: bus riders won't have to waste a second to dip & return; maintenance won't have to repair moving parts on TVMs & turnstiles; & maybe, just maybe, someone at DOE will build a student ID card that's got an RFID chip that'll work with this magical new fare system that everyone else in the world uses (& has for over 20 years). I didn't go to public school here, but every student has to have their ID on them to go to school, right? Until then, the amount lost to outright student metrocard fraud is negligible & not worth the suspension of a widely-used public benefit by a public benefit corporation. Indeed, much like with a whole mess of other fare beating, it just isn't worth it to hire more cops or inspectors, & provide for a lifetime of pay & pensions, or have a bus operator enforce the fare & fall behind in the schedule to reclaim what amounts to a rounding error in the MTA's 14 billion dollar budget. The real crooks here are the folks in Albany who refuse to support the MTA with the money they need be it in the $1.75 million that the state or NYCDOE would need to come up with to make student metrocards whole or the $15 billion that the state's owes the MTA outright--but Preet Bharara working on that, isn't he?
  8. I'm batting around a plan, without an eye to cost, for using bits of commuter rail to run new 2nd Av services: (As I am graphically challenged, forgive the amateur hour visual accompaniment) : Coney Island to Wakefield (or Mt Vernon) via the Metro-North Harlem Line : Kings Plaza to 125th & Broadway (or just Park) via Utica Ave & the LIRR Atlantic Branch New, blue, : Valley Stream to Bayside (or wherever) via Northern Blvd & the LIRR Port Washington Branch I see a number of issues with this like getting from Hanover Sq to Atlantic Terminal (I'd like to send the T & V through the Montague Tunnel but there'd be a whole mess of capacity constraints to that) & that these are pretty long routes (which could be mitigated by keeping Nostrand Ave as the only intermediate stop between Atlantic-Barclays & East New York) but it'd be adding service to some of the densest areas not served by the subway as well as new trains to far eastern Queens.
  9. So Queens shouldn't get subway extensions because they don't currently have subway lines so they shouldn't get new subway lines because they don't currently have subway lines? Like them tautologies, much? It bares repeating that the various areas of the city that currently have subway lines where once farms or, quelle horreur!, low-density single family homes. Stuff changes. West Farms was once farms. West St was deep in the Hudson River. If you want an example more temporally, though not physically, close then look at Portland, or Vancouver, or the Silver Line in Virginia. All examples of adding rail transit (light, light-ish or heavy) to the same sorts of lower-density SFHs that then caused (or will cause, in the case of WMATA's extension) heavier development for the betterment of the city in the whole.
  10. Garibaldi St: you're aware that calling for a decrease in the price of MNR fares within NYC would include Riverdale too, right? By the by, ever so sorry for 'crowding' the 20 min train outside my Marble Hill door versus the 45 min subway down on Broadway--but then I agree with the RPA's thinking behind using all of the infrastructure of the city to move about it (I think Alon Levy's barking up a better tree with a RER-ization of LIRR, MNR & NJT).
  11. I didn't take one, but Forgotten NY did in 2011 (so did not expect to find it out there anywhere)! http://forgotten-ny.com/2011/12/holiday-subway/16-oppy/
  12. On the most recent nostalgia train there was a vintage poster in one of the R1-9s advertising this exact thing. Good ideas never die, they just fade away...
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