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  1. On Wednesday it was rush hour I was on the (They said it was a local to Pelham Bay) it was so late and packed the train stops were Brooklyn Bridge-Bleecker Street-14 Street-Union Square-23rd Street-28th Street-33rd Street-Grand Central-51st Street-59th Street-68th Street-77th Street-86th Street-125th Street-3rd Avenue-138th Street-Brook Avenue-Cypress Avenue-East 143rd Street-East 149th Street-Longwood Avenue-Hunts Point Avenue-Parkchester-Castle Hill Avenue-Zerega Avenue-Westchester Square-Middletown Road-Buhre Avenue-Pelham Bay Park. The train skipped stops in Manhattan because it was late and packed then people were holding the doors causing it to be more late. Then at Hunts Point it arrived on the local track we waited for two trains to go then it switch to the express track.
  2. The A/C on car 1738 on the does not work so if you happen to be in the set 1736-1740 stay out of 1738.
  3. ok here is a idea CTA style announcements on new cars coming out soon like the R179s Examples, Queensboro Plaza is next Doors open on the left at Queensboro Plaza Transfer to And Trains At Queensboro Plaza This is Queensboro Plaza Transfer to And trains at Queensboro Plaza, This Is A Train To Coney Island
  4. Today I was in R142 #1205 on the 4 once it hit Brooklyn Bridge it said "This Is Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Ladies And Gentlemen as you exit please be careful of the gap between the platform and the train then out of nowhere it said Transfer is available to the , , , , , , , , , And trains. Connection Is available To The Port Authority Bus Terminal I think its the trains old transfer from Times Square in like 2002
  5. the This Is A Bronx Bound Local Train exist at Hunts Point Bound Trains And 149 Street bound trains
  6. Yes the R160 F Train set I have it too along with, 4 Car R142A 4 Train set 2 Car R27 QT Train set R36 Worlds Fair 7 Train On Flatcar 13 Munipals subway cars 12 Paper Subway Cars August 1992 Subway Map June 1993 Subway Map December 2001 Subway Map Late Night Subway Maps 2009 Subway Map 1 R142 Pin 1 MTA Pin By The El Book Subway Style Book 110 Years Of The Subway MetroCard
  7. Does anyone know if that 10 car set of R142's will stay on the 6 or go back to the 4 or is Westchester giving Jerome a set of R62A's I have caught it once when it was going around the loop
  8. the does this new thing once it hits Parkchester it goes This Is A Pelham Bay Park Bound train The Next Stop Is....... instead of saying This Is A Pelham Bay Park Bound Train The Next Stop Is........ all the way to Pelham Bay and the destination sign says TO PELHAM BAY, BRONX EXPRESS, LEXINGTON AVE LCL and local trains no longer say PELHAM EXP or PELHAM LCL.
  9. Hello everyone this is my first post I want to make a guess a location I will start Pelham bay park 6 241 street 242 street or ditmars blvd (n q) trains
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