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  1. So I think I may have found my own answer but if someone could confirm. The application states that I don't need NYC residency for this position but it does say that "A Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL) valid in the State of New York, with a passenger endorsement and no restrictions that would disqualify you from performing the duties of this position" I am really sorry for this dumb question but I want to be 100% sure. Does this mean I can have ANY state CDL as long as it's valid in the state of NY?
  2. Hey everyone, Question. So my girlfriend just ended up getting a house in NJ and we will both be moving out there. I am currently I had to take myself off the list because of personal issues but I will soon be reinstating my name back onto the list. Will the MTA not hire me now that I am moving to New Jersey? Just looking for some advise here. I have my CDL now but I was going to transfer it to NJ, I just don't know if they would hire someone with a NJDL Thank you very much for any information that you can provide.
  3. Hey guys. Real quick question. My girlfriend and i are looking to move to New Jersey. Will this be an issue with the pre employment? Not sure if i should wait until i get thorugh pre emploment.
  4. Good evening everyone. So after a 2 months of taking care of my mom i can finally say i am able to start this process over again and i really am looking forward to this. So maybe someone can help me. About 2 months ago i was called for my pre employment and to take my drug test. I went in did ehat i had to do and waited. I got an email in the middle of june to come down for medical. Unfortunately i was not able to make it due to family issues with my mom.so i had to decline the medical. How do i start this process over again? I heard you can just place yourself back on the list but it still tells me i am currently on the list and an outstanding certification and it does not tell me i was removed from the list. Any idea who i would be able to contact about this issue? I don't mind reduing this process again, i just want to be able to have a chance to do it. Thanks everyone!!
  5. Good evening everyone, Just a real quick question. About 2 weeks ago I went down to Livingston for Pre-employment. I got called in for medical the week after. The issue I had was that my mother had to go in for emergency surgery and she needed someone to take care of her for a few months. I emailed Mr's Chestnut and explained the situation and told her that at this time I was not able to make it medical that weekend and I would have put everything on hold until my mom got better which would be in a few months. I was wondering, I know when the time comes I need to reinstate my name, was just wondering how long it takes for the MTA to report my name back to DCAS so I could reinstate my name. As of right now DCAS still says I am on the list and I am on an outstanding certification. I know the system would tell me I am off the list and will have to reinstate my name. I am not ready yet to do this, but I just want to make sure that I have this option ready when the time comes to reinstate my name.. I hope this all makes sense Thanks for your tme
  6. Thanks man. It bothers me that this is something that I need to deal with right now. I been waiting for so long but I don't want to not be able to commit to a training that I may not be able to complete.I didn't want to ruin my chances by getting into training and having to leave.. I don't think that would look good at all. I rather just deal with this now instead of just waiting more time by going to training and not completing it. It would not be fair to the MTA and myself. I have a question about re-enlisting my name. Does that save my spot on the list and I would be the next person that they would call when they hire from that list? Would my name stay on the list until 2020 or until they are complete with all the names on the list? I am really sorry about all the questions. Just trying to get an idea on what I am getting into. I really don't want to lose my chance to work for the MTA and the issue that I am dealing with is more important than even a job right at this moment now.. I don't think think I will be off the list more than 3 months but who knows, so that's why I am asking the questions. Thanks again for all the help.
  7. Evening everyone. So as much as i hate to post this but i have an issue that has come up that is preventing me from starting this job. I have already went for pre employment and i was just called this week for medical. Can some explain what can be done? I still want this job but starting the rest of this process right now is no longer going to work out for me. Is there anything i can do to save my number? Thanks guys.. for any assistance you can be to me right now.
  8. Figured as much. All good. I am 309X, so I am sure I will be hearing from them at some point. (fingers crossed)
  9. Congrats tdevon. What was your list #? just wondering because I went in on Monday for drug test and have not been called back yet. Just trying to get an idea.
  10. Hey everyone, So I am here just waiting patiently until they call me for medical; 3-90 days they told me... It's weird because i'm not sure why they would say 90 days because doesn't make sense the drug test expires in 30... so you would have to go back again for another drug test, ugh lol hopefully I get called before that.. lol Anyway to my question. So there was a lot of talking from people while I was at 180 Livingston and they mentioned that if you next size is 17 inches or larger, they require a sleep apena test; is this true and if it is am I able to get the test before I get called in for medical?
  11. Completely worth it. Just annoying LOL. Wow you've been waiting since March, have you tried calling and seeing what's going on?
  12. Hello everyone. So first day of pre employment was really long. I got there around 6:45am thinking "if i am in line early, i will get out early.. well i was very wrong. So i waited online outside until about 7:10. We signed in and headed up stairs and waitined online again to get a ticket ( tickets do not go in order...) so once i got my ticket and a few sheets to fill out.. and than you wait.. and wait... and wait.. they did not call me until 230.. when i went up, they looked over my paperwork, asked me a few questions, gave me back my items and sent me in to take the drug test. I was in there waiting another 20 30 mintues to be seen. You fill out more paperwork, pee in a cup and head back to the desk and they told me that i will notified 3 - 90 days. My advice is to bring something to read or do while you wait because you will be bored also make sure you go over your packet and all the dates line up because they will make you go sit down and fix it. Now i wait for the medical. Hopefully that call or email won't take too long
  13. Thanks Seven for getting back to me. Should be fun tomorrow...
  14. So late night question before off to pre employment tomorrow! Is there a interview or do i just go in turn in my paperwork then drug screening?
  15. Anyone going for pre-employment down at livingston street tomorrow?
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