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  1. I did my drug test last Monday 9th and I got an email last Thursday to come for medical/final processing on Tuesday 17th. I've been on medical hold and usually for me I get a an email or phone within 4-5 days after my drug test to come in for medical. I have a Hotmail account never found it in my spam folder.
  2. Anybody know when this freeze will end?
  3. So do they call reinstated numbers after they go thru the whole list or is random or what?
  4. List#43xx I just got my reinstatement letter..... So how long of a wait till I get called
  5. How long did it take to get that email? I emailed them last Friday.
  6. I was told you have to come in person to get reinstated. That there is no email to do it.
  7. I'm pretty sure this has been answered before but I've been on medical hold since July 17'. I did what needed to be done now what's my next step? I was told that I have to get my list number reinstated?....how do I go about this?
  8. Anyone on medical hold going thru the sleep apnea study. Omg I went to this sleep center in Manhattan. I did two test in one night so I don't have to come back and do another test. Now they're telling me I still have to come back to do another test. Smh been on medical hold since end of July and this sleep study stuff is prolonging my process....Anyone else going thru this?
  9. Yeah I'll probably be in the same boat
  10. On medical hold...I need to do a sleep study. Anybody know when the next class is after this Monday's class?
  11. Did my drug test last week and got called in to do medical this week...tomorrow to be exact. I know I'll be put on medical hold for the sleep apnea thing. So what would I need to do to get off hold?
  12. Thanks young! Looks like I'm using all those vacation days next month LOL
  13. Did my drug test yesterday #43***. Will I be called in for medical before December? Trying to plan out my vacation days with my current job LOL
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