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  1. I'm still training I will be posting on the road in a couple of weeks
  2. As long as you are being treated for it you should be fine. I made it through with high blood pressure and sleep apnea. I got all my documentation from my doctors and printed proof that I use my cpap nightly and it was good
  3. I was making good money at my previous job and decided to take the pay cut to work for MTA. Between the health benefit and not paying for transportation I'm actually making more money working here.
  4. All signals are in Chapter 3 of the rules and regulations book. Conductors only signal is their indication board training is only 5 weeks for conductors
  5. Need to know all of them, about 120 lighted and miscellaneous signals....for what if seen they really focus on a few really important ones, but every test they give are different. You need to know and understand everyone verbatim. You can't try to define them in your own words cause they will mark them wrong even if it means the same. The way they give it to you is the way they want it answered and there is no second chances.
  6. Drop out rate as far as we were told is about 30-35%. Which is about right considering my induction class of 30 T/O dropped to 17 after the second signals test.
  7. Union hall is a few blocks away toward Court Street.
  8. the length of training is depended on what division you will be working on 9 months for division b and i believe 6 months for division A. You can lose your job is you do a mistake while operating a train that would put others in harms way. You need to take it easy out there and not rush into anything. Always ask questions if you are not sure. There are plenty of people that can explain things to you, all you need to do is ask. Always refer to school car methods and you can never be in the wrong. I will be finishing YX in a few weeks then I will be road posting. I started to study for my signals exam and YX exam.
  9. Febuary's class will complete YX in a couple of weeks. Its been going pretty good for me so far. I got evaluated last week by a TSS while I was switching at 207 and he was satisfied with my answers to his questions.
  10. I've been using mine for 5yrs now....and I had no issues getting through the processing. Get a 6 month report from your machine and bring it in for the medical! They will ask for it...
  11. Congrats Loydmike! I will be going to YX in a week! Pay attention to every thing your instructor tells you and take lots of notes...before you know it you will be in YX...I heard there will be another three classes after the 18th...one per month for next three months! There is a mass exodus of retirees this year through March next year. I wouldn't be surprised if they call in another three classes for the fall.
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