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  1. Well if I plan on buying the Roku Streaming Stick, I will be downloading like 15 apps(what you see above), including Tubitv, Showtime Anytime, Starz Play & CW Seed. I won't be planning on buying movies on Cinema Now on Roku anytime soon but I know it requires a credit card when creating a account in order for me to use Roku.
  2. Today, I was thinking of buying a Roku Streaming Stick, which cost $49.99 and I was wonder if this would consider a waste of money. Now I do watch my movies and tv shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc on platforms like PS3 and PC(Windows 10). What apps do I have on them? Here are the lists: PlayStation 3 Amazon Video Crackle HBO GO Hulu Netflix Popcornflix Youtube *I rarely play games on ps3 since I have it for 6 years and I mainly use it to watch movies or tv shows, which is why I don't have a ps4. I wouldn't want to waste my 1 year PS+ Subscription on the ps4 if I don't use it often. I rarely play games & I used to play a lot when I was a teen. Windows 10 A&E(Damien & Roots) AMC(TWD, FTWD, Turn: Washington's Spies, Hap & Leonard, Into the Badlands & The Night Manager) CBS All Access(recently signed up) Crackle(original series like C:H:O:S:E:N & The Art of More, plus movies) Hulu Netflix SYFY Now(Hunters, The Magicians, 12 Monkeys, Wynonna Earp, The Expanse, Dark Matter & Killjoys) USA Now(Motive, Mr. Robot & upcoming series Queen of the South) When I do watch my shows or movies on my laptop, after awhile, sometimes I don't feel like watching them on my laptop all the time. So maybe I should get the Roku Streaming Stick but I am not sure. Since I said that I don't like to watch on my laptop all the time, some would probably say "just plug your laptop with your HDMI into the HDTV and your all good." I need your honest opinion whether I should get it or not.
  3. You mean the XN60? Maybe. Just remember that NICE buses are 100% CNG.
  4. I only have GTA V in PS3 at the moment and I do drive bus routes most of the times when I get on.
  5. I hate when some people do that. They act like it's "ok" to do it. I'm pretty sure no one likes it when one of his or her friends leaves trash in his or her brand new car.
  6. XD60 #'s 5393, 5406, and 5400 are currently on the Q113 LTD. Also #5392 is on the Q111 and #5402 is on the Q114 LTD.
  7. Got some pictures and videos of New Flyer XD60:http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/49134-new-flyer-xd60-invasion/ Also, the XD60's new color scheme looks so good without the exterior ads. However, if they are planning on placing exterior ads, I would rather have them put the ads inside the bus and fill every slot above the windows; improving nonstop ads from mta.info, movie posters, schools, nyc.gov ads, etc.
  8. Are the express buses going to receive the new color scheme too or just only the local buses?
  9. Alright guys, here is the full route video of the Q114 LTD using the XD60. http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/49134-on-board-mta-bus-2016-new-flyer-xd60-5392-on-the-q114-ltd/
  10. Here are some pictures after I got of the XD60 #5392 Q114 LTD: I was on the Orion VII #3626 on the Q113 LTD when I took the photo of the rear back of the XD60 on the Q111. Enjoy the videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_8C0IcPrzQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkMLmULN7uY Now forgive me, I had to use my itouch and my android phone(Sharp Aquos) to record the "on board" video. My itouch was fully charged before I left and it was nearly dying at 20% when I was at 147th Av & Guy R. Brewer. I quickly switch to my android phone to continue to record the rest of the video before I decided to switch back again to the itouch since it was at 20%. So the audio quality might sound different from both devices and the video quality is not the best since I used both devices. Lastly, I prefer using my itouch since it has better video/audio quality. The second video I was using my itouch and you can tell that you can switch to 1080p. I should of brought my itouch charger with me... lol Also, somebody near me was playing some music in the background... I hope I don't get copyrighted.
  11. Alright guys, I just finnish filming the XD60 #5392 full route on the Q114 LTD. I am on the Q113 LTD now heading home. I will upload the video in a couple of hours.The XD60 #5392 is on the Q111 now.
  12. This article relates to this thread. From the New York Post Article: "If MTA's new buses are the future, we're all doomed" The MTA rolled out seven new buses on Wednesday — complete with Wi-Fi, USB charging ports and an upgraded design. They are the first of 75 slated to debut this summer. Officials hope to have more than 2,000 new buses around the Big Apple by 2021, ultimately replacing 40 percent of the current fleet. The Post’s Elizabeth Rosner took a spin in one of the millennial-friendly vehicles. Gov. Cuomo says the new high-tech MTA buses are supposed to take New Yorkers into the 21st century, but they feel more like a blast from the past — and not in a good way. Stepping onto one of the Wi-Fi- and USB-equipped city vehicles, I embarked on a journey that seemed a whole lot more 2005 than state-of-the-art. Sure, I got that new-car smell for about 10 seconds as I boarded the articulated blue and yellow whip, but by the time I made it to the back, it smelled like . . . a bus . . . in Queens. Nevertheless, I should have known things would be bad from the start. After being greeted at the bus stop by two MTA workers holding iPads, my ride began like most public-transportation trips do — with a 15 minute delay. When our chariot finally arrived, about 30 of us piled in, expecting to enter a futuristic world straight out of The Jetsons. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The first flaw I noticed, right off the bat, was a fancy tablet located in the front of the bus next to the exit door. But instead of displaying something useful, such as the bus schedule or arrival times, all it says is, “To open door manually-break cover pull handle” — making the gadget a complete waste of money that will likely cause passenger congestion during rush hour. The next problem I found was that while my Wi-Fi did connect automatically, it was nowhere near as fast as my 6G cell connection or the Internet I use at home or work. I could also see the signal slowing down in the coming months, as more and more people begin using the network. The thing I was most excited about was the USB outlets for phone chargers, but I soon realized you need to be an NBA player to use them while sitting down. The ports are located on the ceiling, making it difficult for short people like myself to reach. God only knows what would happen if I needed to give my iPhone some juice while the bus was moving. After plopping down in my seat, I found a few more flaws. The seats could have used a comfort upgrade, the bus driver was inaudible (so that hasn’t changed a bit) and the ride was really bumpy. Perhaps Cuomo would have been less excited about his ritzy new rides if he had actually done some field-testing himself. Source: http://nypost.com/2016/05/19/if-mtas-new-buses-are-the-future-were-all-doomed/
  13. Nice shots! Those XD60's are looking good.
  14. Alright, so I saw the XD60 #5392 on MTA Bus Time on the Q114 LTD Far Rockaway bound and It was at Mott Av. I had enough time to leave my apartment and catch it. However, the bus disappeared on MTA Bus Time and I waited a little while for it to come. Suddenly, it came but it was not in service. lol So this morning was not my luck but I will do a full on board video on either route(Q113 LTD or Q114 LTD) when I ride the XD60.

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