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  1. Can someone inform me what list number they are up to on 4600 ? Thank You.
  2. I think it's all depend on the individual , and it also has to do with the superintendent demeanor. Put it this way, 7 days is not a lot of time for you to get used to the bus you are training with unless you have driven the type of bus that we're being train on. Although there's going to be only 4 of you( that way everyone can have the chance to drive) I have pressure cause I'm not comfortable with the superintendent , he be standing next to me and kind of making me uncomfortable (although that's there job) . But when I have a female superintendent for my 9th day, I pass with flying color ! She even told me I was excellent the way I drive. I told her I used to drive for my relative's double decker tour bus business. So you see, it's depending on how you absorbed everything you learned in those 7 days, some people pick it up quick, other takes a little while. Just make sure you pay attention to the instructor and don't be afraid to drive the bus, the first week after my line training I drive those buses like my own car. You will get so use to it.
  3. There was one guy with us that actually gives up cause it was too much pressure for him.
  4. To me the 10 days training was a lot of pressure , basically you have to either pass on the 7th day if not, you will get another try on the 9th day, if that fail, you will get a finale try on the "10th day" which will have 2 superintendents to monitor your test. So hopefully you guys will pass on the 7th day. I pass on the 9th day. Good luck !
  5. Be prepare to get force to Quens or Staten Island when u guys pass the 10 days line training. They have been forcing B/O all over to go Queens or SI cause they needed B/O there. I was in Brooklyn and was force to Queens and now I'm back in Brooklyn, 3 depots in 2 years !
  6. Either u can plead guilty n take the points reduction class or hire a traffic court lawyer to fight the ticket which will take awhile cause the postponement. As long as u don't have too many points taken off u be ok. When I apply for the exam I had too many points taken off so when MTA call me, they have to put me on the hold until my points come down. Good luck !
  7. I really feel sorry for those live in Bx or the city traveling to S.I. to work, but for the time being, we just got to rough it out. Hopefully we will be back to our respective depot. Good luck and be safe everyone!
  8. Just got the notice, telling me to take RDO on Sunday and report to College Point Depot on Monday 8am. I thought this depot is MTA BUS ????? Just got the notice, telling me to take RDO on Sunday and report to College Point Depot on Monday 8am. I thought this depot is MTA BUS ?????
  9. Yeah On Twos, we sure got SCREWED ! Had I never switched from OA to TA, this wouldn't happened. But I don't regret one bit .
  10. I feel you, this whole thing is sucks ! At least let us know ahead of time so we can adjust and prepare for this transfer.
  11. I think we will find out where to report the day before Sunday.
  12. I think we are getting transfer on this Sunday, I heard the union filed grievances against the NYCT but they don't want to hear it saying NYCT has the right to do it, so the union taking it to court. Well, I'm setting my mind to go where they sending me, right now it's beyond our control. Just try to think it this way : at least we get to come back ( hopefully ) and talk about the experience. Go beyond our turf to see and learn more. Just make sure put your name on the preference list.
  13. There's around 80 something of us are getting force transfer!
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