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  1. I applied for the job already. It's a hit or miss, but we'll see what happens. LIRR jobs are one of the hardest in NY State to get.
  2. Finally got in touch with Ms Rivera today and she told me that she was told by Management that they were still "reviewing my package" and that I should get a response either by email or by phone call with the outcome of the review next week. Looks like I still gotta play the waiting game and it also looks like I may have to take another drug test since they're only good for 30 days. My first drug test was on October 4th.
  3. I actually call (347-643-8523) to attempt to catch Mrs Rivera, who is the manager of employment operations at 180 Livingston. I can never get thru to her, even when I call first thing in the morning and I never got a response to emails I sent and no call backs for voicemails I've left for her. List expires in January 2020, so time is not exactly on my side.
  4. So I went for my medical on Monday October 14th and was cleared by the doctor. I brought my paperwork up for final processing, had it looked over and told to have a seat and wait to be called. When called back up to the desk, I was told the lady who handles final processing for my title (TA Bus Operator) was out that day and I should expect a call to come back by the end of this week. Today is friday the 18th and still haven't heard anything from anyone smh.
  5. This is true. But when I was called, I was told to come in on monday (Columbus day) for medical and final processing. There was a lot of people there today for various titles. However when I got called back up to the desk after finishing my medical and giving them my paperwork for final processing, I was told that the lady who does final processing for my title (TA Bus Operator) wasn't in. I was told I would get a call back by the end of this week. So we'll see.
  6. Got reinstated back on the list and went for pre employment back on Friday October 4th. Got a call and an email to come back today Monday October 14th for medical and final processing. Just got cleared by medical and now I'm just waiting on the final processing phase!
  7. Just sent an email to restore my name/list number. Now I wait to see what happens!
  8. Received my admission letter in the mail today! Test date is Sunday June 9th PM Session (2:30 PM) at Midwood High School!
  9. @SevenEleven i called 180 livingston today and i was looking to speak to Juanita Chestnut but i got someone else in HR. i explained my situation to him and he was telling me that there is a possibility that something needs to be reviewed. i was cleared by medical that day and i passed my drug test. i cant think of anything else that needs to be reviewed. My driving record is clean. I've never worked for MTA before. Maybe perhaps there is no opening for me in the 10/29 class, maybe that's why i haven't gotten a call for final processing? From my understanding you don't get a call for final processing unless there's a opening for you in the next class.
  10. Hey guys, can anyone help? i went for full body medical/drug test on 10/05/2018. i was told i would get a call/email about final processing after the results of the drug test come back. im clean im not worried about that. but its now 10/22/2018 and ive yet to receive a call/email about final processing and i was told that training begins 10/29/2018. how long does it usually take to get a call back for final processing?
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