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  1. I was never scared of clowns. Until now.....

    1. ttcsubwayfan


      ugh me too


      do you ever get the feeling that the entire world is slowly losing its mind around you?

    2. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      That's been happening for quite some time now.

    3. Missabassie
  2. The debate is so stupid I didn't even bother to watch it.

    1. GojiMet86


      I watched only the first hour. I had better things to do than see Oompa Loompa get whiny and pissy.

  3. http://bronx.news12.com/news/yogesh-mohabir-20-year-old-fordham-man-with-schizophrenia-missing-1.12338605 If anyone finds this guy immediately let the police and others know he is an old friend from school and it's his 20th bday today. It would be a shame if we lost him.
  4. http://bronx.news12.com/news/yogesh-mohabir-20-year-old-fordham-man-with-schizophrenia-missing-1.12338605 If anyone finds this guy immediately let the policend and others know he is an old friend from school and it's his 20th bday today. It be a shame if we lost him.
  5. You can either be a well known wimp or a secret bad@$$.

  6. After what happened today with that encounter, I wonder if I should keep my YouTube active. (PM me if you want to know the full story)

  7. Its time to go to Orlando aka Walt Disney

  8. If you love traveling and catching Pokémon, then Pokémon GO is the app to use.

    1. Joel Up Front

      Joel Up Front

      I stopped caring for anything after the first 251. Even in Diamond and the remakes, I kept my party Kanto-Johto only.

    2. MysteriousBtrain


      So far only the gen I Pokemon (aka Kanto) are the only ones installed in the app at the moment. No guarantee if more Pokémon from later gens like ruby, pearl, and (ugh) X will appear in the game in an update.

  9. I am now a graduate of HS and I will continue my goals in college.

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    2. MysteriousBtrain


      Thanks to both of you and congrats to you too horn

    3. Around the Horn

      Around the Horn

      Thank you Shade!

    4. NewFlyer504



  10. I wonder what will happen when I put Panda in an MTA music video......

    1. LegoBrickBreaker101


      Oh god... That would be very, very interesting...

    2. DaTransitMan4608


      LIRR from Atlantic, XD60s coming from Canada...


  11. Why is that 2016 has to be where the most important people die off?

    1. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      This is how I see my great grandmother's passing earlier this year:


      You all can have this generation... I'm off to rest...



  12. Every time I have to be home at a certain time, the route I need always desires to grow superpowers and desire to leave me in my station/stop for at least 15 min.

    1. MysteriousBtrain


      And before anyone says try to leave earlier, I do exactly that, but the bus/train still finds a way to be late.

    2. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      This is the case with me and the Q59 from Williamsburg. I take an earlier bus now because the bus after it played way too many games to be able to catch it. Those issues were then resolved, but now for whatever reason there is a 1 hour gap between the bus I now take and the one before it, so my bus gets slammed by the time it reaches the (L). That essentially negates any time savings by taking that earlier, since it is delayed by up to 20 minutes at times.

  13. XD60s for Bee Line Bus?

    1. JubaionBx12+SBS


      When the Napoleon's retire how about they get some 40 footers so routes like the 60 and 20 can run with decent frequencies.

    2. Missabassie


      I could see them with XD60s...

    3. DetSMART45


      If they've managed to keep those Neoplans going, they'd be able to get a minimum 15 years of use out of Xcelsiors -- wise investment. If they could get a sweet deal on MTA Flyer highfloor artics, it could be a good deal for around 5 years of use. Work a deal with New Flyer (overhaul/refurb) with purchase commitment, they'd be more than willing to talk.

  14. Another terrorist attack. Hope things can get well after the Brussels attack.

  15. MTA strikes again with a birthday gift: an upgrade to our existing buses.

  16. I wear sunglasses 24/7 and will give no f**ks of who says what.

  17. Reminding myself today is gonna be a great one.

  18. Two weekends of nothing but fun. This one is the senior trip and the next is the birthday weekend

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    2. Around the Horn

      Around the Horn


      Where are you going for your trip?

    3. MysteriousBtrain


      I an at Hudson Valley Resort until Sunday.

    4. Around the Horn
  19. this has not been a good week for NYC....

    1. RollOver


      Tell me about it.

    2. Q113 LTD

      Q113 LTD

      I feel bad about the guy who was killed by the crane.

    3. Daniel The Cool
  20. Looking at the demo buses make a new perspective for my view of buses.

  21. *sigh* family argument for almost the whole day, but that's none of my business.......

  22. Uh oh...... it's snowing. Let the real winter begin!!!

  23. Watch the Bleecker St scenes in girl meets world carefully, and you may notice a fine map that one finds on NYCSUBWAY.ORG

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    2. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      It amazes me that folks pay attention to things like this.

    3. RTS CNG Command

      RTS CNG Command

      @Cait: As a brony myself, the fandom made that a habit. Without them paying attention to what they do in the background, they wouldn't have life and be popular whatsoever.

    4. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      @Cait, you shouldn't be amazed anymore...

  24. Xmas is almost here. Can someone bring the XD60s here on that day?

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