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  1. I was just curious because a friend of mine told me he knew a guy that went through the 10 day training and failed on day 10 but I wasn't sure if it was because he failed the DMV road test or if they just kicked him out, I'm just concerned for myself now on that note, I don't know if the guy just had his CDL permit or the full CDL license when he was doing the training... Any word of thoughts anyone?
  2. Question out of curiosity when you go for the 10 training on when of those 10 day's do you go for the DMV road test? And is there a final road test through transit itself?
  3. Got to go to 180 Livingston Street Tuesday hopefully there is good news when I go there, it's been 3 months last time I was there, anybody have any word on the next bus classes that they will be having that is not already full so I have a idea on when I would be starting?
  4. to take the physical part of sanitation? I just got the letter myself to take the physical but there is no guarantee with that, if that's the case take the physical for it and take each job into consideration on what would be a better move for you But that is if and I say if they reach up to your list number
  5. My list number is 21** and I was sent a letter back in late September started the process and they told me I would get a call back with in 2 to 90 day's and I still haven't heard anything yet, is anyone in this forum with a similar list number in the same situation as I am?
  6. That's pretty for everyone right now, I just did the drug test and now I'm waiting to take the medical... Still waiting on that call
  7. I appreciate the information but all I got to say is on the 2613 exam PDF file it particularly States in the special working conditions that bus operator's may be required to work various shifts including nights, Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Point being where I'm trying to get at is if someone is looking to get weekend's off from work right away then this is not the job for them
  8. so your well ahead of the game man, good for you, I just don't understand how they could put out exam 4105 when they have the whole 3101 list they still have... Would anyone have any information about this?
  9. it's a great score but in all honesty If your serious about getting the job I would get the CDL license at this point if I was you
  10. Yeah that is true but look at it as a stepping stone... At that point just to get your foot in the door and start putting the time in and then when the TA would have called you that you would just transfer over... Don't get me wrong you still have to do the whole process again with the TA but you would already have time vested with the Mta that you could of carried over... I see you passed your CDL road test as you said on the forum, congratulations... Do you know how many questions you got right and wrong on the proposed answer keys?
  11. there wouldn't be any way you could ask the superintendent if there are any more classes going in after yours is there? Maybe he would have some information about that... Thanks I just wished it was before the year was over that we got called in... If you get a call from transit to do the second part of the process can you just let me know. I would definitely appreciate it... At least at that point I would know where I stand myself
  12. I'm 21** and I got a letter... I did the drug test and filled in some paperwork and they gave me a 21 page booklet telling me that I would expect a call from 2-90 day's
  13. FML I was looking to getting on by the end of the year... I guess that's not happening
  14. Does anyone know if they will have a class for November?
  15. if you already paid the filing fee to take the exam might as well.. 61 dollars
  16. the 26... What is this that I hear about a hiring freeze until the new year though... Anybody have any input on this that has any solid information about it?
  17. make sure the DMV has your information correct as of your address
  18. those restrictions on your CDL license won't show unless you have the passenger endorsement and you took your road test in a tractor trailer 2 week's

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