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  1. Apparently I can't edit my own posts, so here's an update. This version should be complete, and fixed some issues from before. There may still be other issues. I've also made versions of this map with long term service patterns and weekend service patterns. I may post them later depending on how many other mistakes I find.
  2. Ah, OK. Then given the MTA it could be completed anytime in the next fifteen years.
  3. I'm wondering what to do about 45/53 being served by the on the NYC map I'm making as I assumed it was related to the Sea Beach closures. I checked the MTA website a little while ago and the July 2019 system map shows the stopping at 45th and 53rd. Don't know if this is intentional or a mistake.
  4. Hi everyone. It's been like 4-5 years since I last visited this forum, and some ancient members may remember me from service disruption rerouting challenges and the like. Way back then I was working on a map of the NYC Subway system in SVG, and it fell through due to self-imposed guidelines resulting in incredibly painful processes. Now I'm finishing up a brand new map and I'm looking for some feedback - in particular, what errors are present. The map I currently have shows weekday service only, and I haven't added Airtrain stations or backgrounds where station names cover other lines, etc. In addition, Central Nassau might get its own map and I didn't have space to cram everything to Babylon on the map, so I've done some cutoffs at Nassau County. All feedback is appreciated before I finalize the map and (maybe) create a version for Weekend service.
  5. Well, whenever it's not structurally deficient, yeah.
  6. Personally, I think that Pelham Bay Park is one of the worst terminals in the system, but that's just me. I mean, an at-grade 3-2 track merge for a two track bumper block terminal with a rather sharp curve?
  7. It would be nice if 116 St was actually made with three tracks. That way, if a Bronx extension ever happens, you can split either the northbound and onto different tracks and allow for more effective cross-platform transfers
  8. Because in order to open an entrance, the station must have wheelchair access as well as tactile platform edges for the blind. The elevator is the bigger of the problems.
  9. What you're saying is incredibly selfish. Going TO the game, trains are less crowded than at 10PM on a weekend. And coming back from the game, the service is adequate. Now, in regards to the posts about terminating the express: You have to consider the fact that Flushing Main Street is a major bus hub - people from all over Northeast Queens funnel into that one station. By passing most of them to the express, it grants them a shorter commute time and also leaves the local trains emptier for when they hit the higher ridership stations. Having lived on the , specifically in Sunnyside, for most of my life, I can say that both the locals and expresses are crowded - the issue is one of capacity and alternatives. Nobody in Sunnyside or Woodside is going to suffer on the Q32 or Q60 into midtown given the traffic and crowding, and walking to the less-crowded QBL local stations means adding 10-20 minutes to a commute. Personally, I see the only option to be a 30TPH reliever line, whether it's a QBL bypass that makes 74 St/B'way viable as a transfer station or a Northern Blvd line that can take the stress away from the 7 along most of its length while also providing provisions to de-stress Northeastern Queens if extended further. However, the only river tunnel with capacity is the 63 St tunnel, and until SAS Phase 3 is under construction, there is no real way to take advantage of its remaining capacity.
  10. Hey, I expected Hudson Yards to be open before I graduated from High School. It opened two years later. :|
  11. Maps for station layouts are quite common in some countries - especially Japan, where you might have six different subway platforms on different levels at the same station. As for this map, I really don't feel it. Besides the dead space and the sharp angles, I also don't like the way he treated express vs local - I'd actually prefer local to be thicker than express.
  12. At the very least, people will be able to move between cars.
  13. Were any of the people living in the Rockaways, Howard Beach or Ozone Park present at the meeting? Were they invited?
  14. The A division uses trains that are not as wide, and tends to use 50 ft cars instead of 60/75. On the tracks, the stoppers are on the opposite side. Between the IND and BMT there are radio frequency differences, but the systems are otherwise interchangeable because the IND was built with the provision of through service and potential takeover of the BMT. I may be wrong.
  15. I personally believe that the best option here is to hopefully hinge on the SAS being operational to some degree. If they can at least get signals installed on time, they can turn trains at 72nd St so that Forest Hills won't be flooded by an increase in service.
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