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  1. I want to share some insight and statistics from the May 15 class (OA/BC Trainees). 49 out of 72 students made it through the training with 29 students making it on Day 7. In our class permit holders didn't receive any road test prep for the most part besides a few students who will receive it due to failing their 1st road test and retesting sometime next week. Just some insight on the training it's very fast paced and some instructors will be tough but you have to give them what they want in order to pass. The training was overwhelming and in my group of 4 only 2 made it. Definitely coming in with the CDL if possible is the best way to go. Mabstoa 4105 applicants with list numbers above 5000 in my class were given part time MTA Bus positions in the meantime until they’re list number is reached. The next class with TA trainees will be on June 12. Below were our depot picks for our class. Manhattanville 1 Mother Clara Hale 2 Kingsbridge 4 West Farms 10 East New York 6 Grand 8 Gleason 2 The rest of the students were MTA Bus. Spring Creek, JFK and College Point.
  2. Hello guys I hope this can help any B/O candidate speaking from my experience Like others I frequented this forum to get updates for B/O exam list updates. I decided let me go ahead and obtain my Cdl before the MTA calls. Young had always posted valuable info about how the process works and ironically I took a job out in Queens driving college students along a fixed route. Long story short I discovered Young was one of my coworkers. He went out of his way to show me defensive driving techniques. Although I now operate a Hudson rail Link shuttle bus for Metro-North, I can tell any B/O candidate with only a CDL permit with confidence if possible to try and get the Cdl beforehand and to thank Young for all of his help out in Queens. If anyone is interested in a position operating the Metro-North shuttle bus up in the Bronx feel free to shoot me a PM.
  3. Just got an update to list status they're currently up to list #400.
  4. The Chief states there are 8,221 eligibles. Good luck to all!!
  5. For anyone still waiting on 3101 I called Hr and they said theyre up to 4894.
  6. His number is in the low 3000's from mabSTOA exam 3101. I was just clarifiying that there was class on the 18th since no one on the forum has said they're going in for training from 2613.
  7. There is a class on May 18th. I was speaking to an operator and he told me his nephew was going in for training list number for 3101 in the #3000's.
  8. @MTAwife Just got that call as well, I had a feeling that 4105 would be established sometime in 2016.
  9. @taz The training days are only on weekdays with Tuesday being day 1 of actual training for example for the March 9th class that will be tomorrow. while today is day 10 for the zerega class that started 2 weeks ago. Correct me anyone if im wrong
  10. From what i saw everyone was doing their turns good and that stuff
  11. @dainty I got a small glimpse of the day 6 route around 23rd st, lexington, 3rd ave etc lol
  12. Gucio thanks for clarifying that. I was wondering if numbers moved up but now I see they don't. I saw youre going to zerega next week I saw about 8 different training buses this morning around 23rd st.
  13. Word! Lets hope they keep the retirements coming
  14. Lol thats right they aint playin games at livingston
  15. @Mtawife Im right there in the low 2000s for 4105. @Gucio Thanks for advice for vision
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