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  1. I hear you I do have the cdl but I lack experience and I don't want the instructor to think I know it all bc of it. I heard 7th day is hell through the city.
  2. Anyone knows any tip on how to pass training on the 7th day? How should I do it. See you on the 27th at zerega
  3. Can you tell me what you did on the medical test? And what documents did they ask you to bring today ?
  4. Can anyone tell us what happens at the medical? What do you have to do? What do they check? What do we know to know to be prepared.
  5. I need to know I forgot to ask the lady I guess my birth certificate social card and drivers license.
  6. What documents do we have to bring for the physical/medical test? What documents do you have to bring in with you for the medical?
  7. I went yesterday Friday as well!!! I took the drug testand now I have to wait between 3 to 90 days for medical.
  8. Seriously does anybody really know the usual time to get called back after either medical or drug test? Some dudes have told me the did both on the same day.
  9. Jada what if you do the drug test and the Medical on the same day? Would they call you like right away? And what's the next step after taking the tests.
  10. How long is the mta taking to call you after taking the drug and physical test?
  11. I am sorry to hear that I know the roads are getting tougher because of this new speed limit but I tell you do not give up try to fight it get a lawyer and I would suggest to reschedule the hearing as many times as you can.
  12. If you change your drivers license from D class to C class you can renew your cdl permit as many times as you want.
  13. not a big deal now I took it last week and I passed it. It was tricky full of obstacles such as construction zones all over The place , a lot of traffic,stop signs and inactive railroad crossings but you just gotta be relaxed and take your time in everything.
  14. I mean more like the whole route from start to end our at least part of the route and btw where's exactly the railroad crossing?
  15. You're right about it and I was actually thinking the same. Too many silly questions like worrying if you have to go to the restroom while at work or if you ever going to get called. I would say just worry about passing the training period and be patient when you get the call.
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